VdGM meeting together in Bratislava

Greetings from VdGM, The European Young Doctors Movement! We are getting ready for our busiest time of year here preparing for the WONCA Europe Conference, the VdGM Pre-conference and the VdGM Council Meeting in Bratislava this June.

As part of our preparations for Bratislava we are receiving nominations for our various awards:
- The Hippocrates and Carosino Exchange Awards
- The Junior Researchers Award
- The VdGM Fund Wonca Europe Conference Bursaries
- The Fons Sips Outstanding Achievement Award; which recognises outstanding contributions to VdGM and Primary Care by our young doctor members.
All VdGM members are called upon to nominate their most deserving colleagues!

In addition to awards, we are calling for nominations for our new Liaison to the WONCA Europe Board. This important role embodies our strong relationship and valuable connection to our parent organisation, enabling us to promote the voice and interests of young doctors.

Look out for our posts on our social media and our webpage or contact your national Council Representative for more information on how to apply or nominate!

The Bratislavan Pre-Conference organised by our Slovakian young GP colleagues is shaping up to be an exciting and vibrant event. The Pre-conference exchange will see up to 20 colleagues from across Europe take part in a professional exchange in clinics and consultations in East, Middle and West regions of Slovakia. on June 25 and 26, the VdGM Preconference will be held in the elegant and modern Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava. We expect that more than never, the event will be full of freshness, updated science and innovative ideas.

The Pre-conference will include three types of workshops: Skills & development, Small group discussions groups and “Spotlight Sessions”. The themes include GPs in emergency medicine, refugee care, transgender care, ultrasonography in primary care and virtual medicine.

After the resounding success of the “Spotlight Sessions” initiative in the 2018 WONCA Prague Preconference, we will once again bring together the representatives of VdGM SIGs and WONCA Europe Networks offering them the opportunity to deliver short workshops for our pre-conference attendees aimed at showcasing their activities and giving opportunities for young and future GPs to become involved.

During the main WONCA Europe Conference we will be hosting our traditional workshops for Exchanges, the Junior Researchers Award and the innovative Young Doctors Marketplace, where senior and junior colleagues can learn more about VDGM activities and network to share ideas, projects and programs. We are awaiting the results of abstract evaluation to learn of the success of the many other abstracts submitted by our Executive, Council, Liaisons and Special Interest Groups, however we are certain there will be many young doctor led activities throughout the event.

You will be able to find VdGM Executive, Council Members, Special Interest Groups and Liaisons manning our VdGM Booth in the WONCA Village throughout the Conference, so please drop in and see us! We will welcome you with a warm smile and a good dose of the famous VdGM virus!

Warm Regards
Claire Marie Thomas (President) and Elena Klusova (Events Officer) on behalf of the VdGM Executive