WHA76: Enhancing Noncommunicable Disease Care

WONCA President, Dr Anna Stavdal, CEO Dr Harris Lygidakis, and Prof. Val Wass, Executive Member-at-Large and WHO Liaison met experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr Bente Mikkelsen, director of the division of Noncommunicable Diseases at WHO, Dr Slim Slama, unit leader at the NCDs Department, Alarcos Cieza, responsible for the Vision, Audition, Disability and Rehabilitation Department.

The meeting centered around exploring strategies to enhance NCD care and address the pressing challenges associated with these diseases. Key topics discussed included continuity of care, integration of NCD services into primary care, and the pivotal role of family doctors in NCD management. The participants shared valuable insights based on their experiences and research, shedding light on the importance of multidisciplinary teams, holistic approaches, and the need for practical implementation strategies.

The reunion highlighted the significance of testimony and awareness-building in combating NCDs. The participants emphasized the need to engage stakeholders at various levels, including mayors, community health workers, and the broader health workforce, to create people-centered care and raise awareness about NCD prevention and management.

Given the limited resources and challenges faced, collaboration between WHO and WONCA was emphasized as a vital approach to tackling NCDs effectively.

The NCDs served as a platform for experts from WHO and WONCA to come together and address the pressing challenges associated with NCD care. The insights shared highlighted the importance of collaboration, awareness-building, and practical implementation strategies in order to advance NCD management and improve health outcomes globally.