WHO document "Communicating radiation risks in paediatric imaging"

WHO has just published the document &ldquo;Communicating radiation risks in paediatric imaging: Information to support health care discussions about benefit and risk&rdquo;. This document is intended to be a tool for health care providers to communicate about risks associated with paediatric imaging procedures.<br />
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<img alt="" style="float: left; margin: 9px;" src="/site/DefaultSite/filesystem/images/News/2016%20news/4%20May/radiatio%20book.jpg" />The document is freely available at this <a href="http://www.who.int/ionizing_radiation/pub_meet/radiation-risks-paediatric-imaging/en/ ">link&nbsp; </a>, where you will find the pdf full report version plus three separate pdf files for end-users to be able to download separately the  chapters 1, 2 &amp; 3. The document has been written in English but you will also find there the executive summary in Arabic, Chinese, English French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.<br />
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Publication details<br />
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Editors: World Health Organization<br />
Publication date: 2016<br />
Languages: English<br />
ISBN: 9789241510349<br />