WHO mental health guidelines updated

The World Health Organisation has recently updated its mhGAP guidelines for the management of common mental health problems in low and middle income countries. WONCA members Gabriel Ivbijaro and Christopher Dowrick took part in the Guideline Review Committee which informed this update. It includes important new recommendations on the primary care management of depression, alcohol dependence and dementia, and strategies for suicide prevention.

The mhGAP Evidence Resource Centre contains the background material, process documents, and the evidence profiles and recommendations in electronic format for mhGAP guidelines for mental, neurological, and substance use (MNS) disorders. The evidence resource centre is organized around the mhGAP priority conditions.

The evidence-based mhGAP guidelines are the basis of the mhGAP Intervention Guide for Mental, Neurological and Substance use disorders in Non-Specialized Settings.

The full revised guidelines mhGAP Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG) can be found here  and are available in Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

WONCA works closely with WHO and offers consultancy services in support of mhGAP. Our primary care experts are available to provide a range of supports to low-income and middle-income countries wishing to maximise the integration of primary and mental health care within the mhGAP framework. For more information, see our website on www.globalfamilydoctor.com/mhconsult