WONCA Awards 2016 - winners

At the WONCA World conference in Rio, various WONCA award winners were announced. Many winners are well known leaders in WONCA and family medicine.

WONCA Fellowships

The Fellowship of WONCA is WONCA's most prestigious award. It is awarded to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the WONCA organization. The WONCA Fellowship was awarded to:

Dr Iona Heath - UK
Prof Bob Higgins - USA
Prof Gabby Ivbijaro - UK
Prof Janko Kersnik - Slovenia (posthumous)
Prof Nabil Kurashi - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dr Francine Lemire - Canada
Prof Christos Lionis - Greece
Prof Job Metsemakers - Netherlands
Dr Dan Ostergaard - USA
Dr Ramnik Parekh - India
Dr Marc Rivo - USA
Prof Richard Roberts - USA
Dr Goran Sjonell - Sweden
Dr Preethi Wijegoonewardene - Sri Lanka

WONCA Individual Life Membership

Honorary Life Direct Membership is awarded in recognition of contributions to the work of the WONCA Organization and/or to general practice/family medicine on a world basis.

Prof Taghreed Farahat - Egypt
Prof Sir Andrew Haines - UK
Prof Michael Kidd - Australia
Prof Waris Qidwai - Pakistan

WONCA Five Star Doctor Global Award

Dr Atai Omoruto - Uganda (posthumous)

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