WONCA CIMF launched statement to support family doctors in Colombia

The Ibero-American Confederation of Family Medicine (WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF) expresses its support to the Colombian Society of Family Medicine (SOCMEF) in defending the right to health and its claims in favour of a better health system.

The organisation based on Primary Health Care and the leading participation of qualified specialists in Family Medicine for comprehensive, accessible and equitable care is decisive for these objectives.

The “inverse care law” (Hart T, 1971) can be verified in many of our countries: “the availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely with the need of the population served”. This inequity takes on its greatest expression when healthcare is more exposed to market forces and less so when such exposure is reduced. Insurance-mediated benefits that fragment and commercialise health services constitute a threat to health.

Health systems are required to ensure universal and accessible coverage for all people, particularly those who need it most. The economic, technical, technological, and organisational conditions must be guaranteed from the structural levels of each society.

In Latin America, one of the most unequal region on the planet, equity in access to health is an ethical imperative. That is why WONCA Iberoamericana CIMF joins and supports SOCMEF in its demand for a health system genuinely based on accessible, comprehensive and quality health services; and we do not hesitate to commit our efforts as a professional group for its development. The solid training of specialists in Family Medicine is essential to ensure the quality of health systems.

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