WONCA EMR Beirut workshops announced.

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Attend an excellent line up of workshops and enhance your experience at WONCA EMR 2019.

These workshops have been carefully chosen to cover topics such as Universal Health Care, Primary Health Care, Health Policies, Refugee Health Care, Mental Health, Smoking Cessation and other hot topics.
Workshops are free to attend for registered delegates. Limited seats available. Book now!

Workshop 01: Policy Making in FM Practice
Facilitators: Chris Van Wheel, Nagwa Nashat

Workshop 02: Continuous Professional Development (CPD): A tool to “Detect and Analyse Training Needs”
Facilitators: Prof. Val Wass

Workshop 03: The WONCA Working Party on Education (WWPE): Developing the undergraduate curriculum to promote Family Medicine in medical schools
Facilitators: Prof. Val Wass

Workshop 04: Social Accountability in Medical Schools: a strong case for Primary Health Care and UHC.
Facilitators: Dr. Adonis Wazir

Workshop 05: Providing Primary Healthcare for the Underprivileged: Ethical Perspectives
Facilitators: Dr. Thalia Arawi

Workshop 06: Health beyond Biology: Social Determinants of Health
Facilitators: Dr. Khairat Al Habbal

Workshop 07: My Homeland is Lost, My Health is Frail’: An Open Window to Reverse Consequences of War and Displacement in Health
Facilitators: Dr. Dimitrios Vasilakis

Workshop 08: Activism in Medicine: Practice and Challenges
Facilitators: Dr. Khairat Al Habbal

Workshop 09: Policy Advocacy for Family Medicine. A Special Interest?
Facilitators: Prof. Shabir Moosa

Workshop 10: Al Razi Movement
Facilitators: Dr. Marwa Mohasseb

Workshop 11: The Practical Application of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in General Practitioner Clinical Practice
Facilitators: Mr. Enda Murphy

Workshop 12: Physicians’ Well-Being: Stress Management and Beyond!
Facilitators: Dr. Maya Roumani

Workshop 13: Communicating with the Psychologically Distressed Patient
Facilitators: Prof. Basem Saab

Workshop 14: Integrating Effective Tobacco Interventions into Daily Practice
Facilitators: Dr. Hala Kahi Mouawad

Workshop 15: Preparticipation Exam in Athletes
Facilitators: Dr. Mona Osman

Workshop 16: Road Map to Conduction of Research
Facilitators: Dr. Jumana Antoun

Workshop 17: WONCA Women Working Group
Facilitators: TBA

Workshop 18: WONCA Mental Health
Facilitators: TBA

Workshop 19: Wound Management Workshop
Facilitators: Dr. Hassan Tawfik

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