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WONCA EMR launches the first edition of its quarterly newsletter with interesting information and updates from the region.

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From WONCA EMR President

Dear Colleagues, Members, and Friends, 

As this is the first number of our WONCA EMR news which was a dream for us, I hereby send a big Thank You to all our colleagues for their work and effort  to make it a reality. It is an extraordinary honor to lead our Wonca EMR and to be asked  to write the first column. I have plenty to say, for the first time, I believe that we should document the history of our WONCA EMR and activities during last years.

WONCA EMR came into existence in July 2007 ,during the Wonca Executive meeting in Singapore and professor Nabil Al Kurashi (KSA) was selected to head the development of the region followed by Dr. Mohamed El Tarawnh (Jordan) then prof. Jinan Usta (Lebanon).

Al Razi movement was developed in late 2013 for young and early career practitioners / Family Medicine physicians in the region. 

WONCA`s EMR Vision Is ‘Health for All and a qualified Family Doctor for Every Family’.  

Current WONCA EMR members are: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Morocco  Algeria,  Afghanistan, Kuwait, Palestine and Islamic Republic of Iran. These 13 members represent many thousands of family doctors in the East Mediterranean region.

As regards our activities we have an annual regional conference (7 congress editions till now). We have a regional research committee that conducted several workshops and produced  two multicenter research papers published in European journal of general practice. Also, we celebrate World Family Doctor Day on 19th of May every year individually and in joint activities. Moreover, some of our member organizations hold their national conferences on an annual base. Al Razi Young doctor movement is dynamic in the region and engages many young physicians in its activities such as workshops for capacity building in research.   WONCA EMR received Montegut Scholar Award to support family physicians to attend the regional and the world conferences for about 10 family physicians.

We have a very strong collaborations with international agencies especially WHO. The outcomes of these collaborations are: On- Line Training programs for nurses and physicians in EMR during 2021. and Regional Professional Diploma in Family Medicine in 2022.

I invite you to take that the first step and get involved in the work that we do. Be active in our region, join  our activities, keep coming to our conferences, and share your ideas and your energy with us. We must all reinforce the role of family medicine in providing high quality primary care to all people in our region.

Prof Taghreed Farahat
Wonca EMR President