WONCA EMR meeting with Kuwait Society of Family Practice

(left to right), Lt Dr Huda Alduwaisan (Kuwait Academy), Dr Nabil Kurashi, Immediate past WONCA EMR past president, Dr Mohammed Tarawneh , WONCA EMR president, Dr Khaled Alabdallah, Kuwait SFP Vice chairman, Dr Mohammed Alotaibi, Chairman of KSFP, Dr Anwar Alnajjiar, member of KSFP

WONCA EMR president Dr Mohammed Tarawneh was invited to visit Kuwait to participate in the MRCGP International as a quality assurance observer. While in Kuwait, WONCA leaders, Dr Mohammed Tarawneh, WONCA East Mediterranean region president and Prof Nabil Kurashi, Immediate past WONCA East Mediterranean region president, had an official meeting with the Kuwait Society of Family Practice (KSFP) section of the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA).

The leaders of the Kuwait Society of Family Practice who attended the meeting were: Dr Huda Alduwaisan (Kuwait Academy which is a WONCA member Academic Organization), Dr Mohammed Alotaibi, KSFP chairman; Dr Khaled Alabdallah, KSFP vice chairman; Dr Anwar Alnajjiar, member.

WONCA leaders discussed with the Kuwait colleagues how they can join WONCA and what documents they need to prepare, and we are pleased to report that they will link soon with WONCA secretariat,

Mohammed Tarawneh
Wonca EMR President