WONCA Europe 2012

July, 2012

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
WONCA Europe 2012 recently held in Vienna proved to be a highly successful and well run conference. There were 1058 abstracts submitted which were reviewed by 77 active reviewers. The final program included: the Vasco da Gama preconference; three satellite symposia; six key-note speeches; 72 workshops; 12 symposia; 45 sessions with 272 oral presentations; and 595 posters. Wonca Europe network meetings and 17 national meetings were also held. The largest numbers of abstracts were submitted by colleagues from Spain, Turkey and Portugal. From outside Europe the biggest contributors were Brazil and the Republic of Korea.

Over 100 registrants came from each of Austria, Croatia, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Spain. As noted in the closing ceremony, there were many visitors from outside the region. The usual contingents from Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA and New Zealand were there. This time, however, there were more people from other regions with many countries represented from the East Mediterranean region (including the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen); some from Africa (Ghana, Rwanda); large groups from Thailand and the Republic of Korea; and a few each from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela. (Not all visiting nations are mentioned here).


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