WONCA Europe 2016 - "patient voice" to speak

WONCA Europe Conference 2016

Meet Ulrika Sandén - our "patient voice" - in Copenhagen in June

Ulrika Sandén is a social worker pursuing doctoral research of cancer processes at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre, Lund University, Sweden. She is also a brain tumor survivor and her book about the trajectory as a surgical and oncological patient was on the literature curriculum of the Karolinska Institute medical school.

Ulrika Sandén’s research is part of the patient-centered project “Proactive Cancer Care” where she recently interviewed 19 focus group patients about their lives as cancer patients and how they perceive the cancer care processes. At the WONCA Europe 2016 conference in June she will present different perspectives on consultations and the diagnostic process both as a researcher and as a patient.

“What do you do as a patient when what the hospital specialists say doesn’t make any sense?”

Follow up after cancer treatment is something that scares many patients, but do they need to be scared? Many patients have both a hospital specialist and a GP for follow up care. Is there a way for GPs to reduce fear and to gain the trust of scared patients?

Many people are talking about the future consultation in availability terms. Some argue that we should have drop-in consultations at shopping malls etc.

Ulrika Sandén will discuss the future consultation from another angle, where the feelings experienced by the patient is central. Is it possible to empower patients through consultations? This and other issues will be dealt with in Ulrika Sandén’s presentation.

At the WONCA Europe 2016 in Copenhagen you can meet Ulrika Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June in morning sessions.

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