WONCA Europe Conference - London 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues, hello to you all!

My name is Steve Mowle, and I am the Honorary Treasurer of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and I have the privilege to chair the Host Organising Committee for the 27th WONCA Europe conference in London in 2022.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this exciting event which will be the first WONCA conference to be held face-to-face since the pandemic.

The conference will give us all a chance to meet, discuss and implement positive change.

I invite you all to join us here in June 2022 in London, where history meets modern, ancient seats of learning and state-of-the-art technology sit side-by-side, where education, healthcare, culture and diversity are at our core. 

By welcoming you and hundreds of incredible family doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world to our amazing city, we’d really show that London is open to the very best scientific research, talent and creativity. 

We really do hope you will join us in 2022. London as a venue is lively, attractive, full of culture and excitement. And we learn better together, which is why we want you to join us next year!

So see you in London in June 2022!

Steve Mowle
Chair of the Host Organising Committee

Visit the Official Website: https://woncaeurope2022.org/