WONCA Europe Copenhagen conference newsletter No. 18

WONCA Europe 2016

In Copenhagen in June we are delighted to present:

Katherine Rouleau, associate professor with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto – giving a keynote on Inequality in health and specific patient groups

Katherine Rouleau has worked 20 years as a family physician in a Toronto inner city practice adjacent to St-Michael’s Hospital. She is inspired in her academic and leadership activities by her patients facing poverty, extreme vulnerability, exclusion and isolation.
Katherine is a director of the Global Health Program at the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM), University of Toronto, where she enhances the competency of Canadian family physicians in caring for vulnerable populations. Together with a nursing colleague Katherine runs a graduate course - “Family Medicine in the Global Context”. One of her “high points” is hosting the two-week Toronto International Program to Strengthen Family medicine (TIPS-FM).

Family medicine leaders and champions from around the world come together to learn about robust family medicine in a Canadian context with the goal to translate and adapt to one’s own setting.

During Katherine’s travels to Ethiopia, Chile, Brazil, Haiti and China she witnesses first hand the dedication of family medicine champions to come together as a community to support the development of our discipline. A recent graduation of Ethiopia’s first family physicians, the fruit of a long collaboration led by Addis Ababa University – was a successful example of an international family medicine alliance.

Katherine further directs a hub of collaboration to advance family medicine globally. Under the wings of the College of Family Physicians of Canada - the newly created Besrour Centre is leveraging family medicine expertise from WONCA and the World Bank to develop concrete tools and strategies to advance robust family medicine and primary care as a privileged pathway towards global health equity.

You can experience Katherine Rouleau in a shared keynote session with Bernadette Kumar from Norway on Saturday 18 June at WONCA Europe 2016 in Copenhagen.

The WONCA Europe 2016 organizing committee and Danish Red Cross will cooperate to give you the opportunity to meet colleagues and friends, get your daily exercise and have fun – sign up for WONCA-RUN 2016.

See the entire - preliminary - program at our website.

We are looking very much forward to seeing you all in Copenehagen in June :-)

Peter Vedsted
President of Scientific Committee

Roar Maagaard
GP & Associate Professor
President of Host Organising Committee