WONCA Europe Vienna keynote speakers

April, 2012


This year’s WONCA Europe conference is fast approaching. The conference is being held in Vienna from July 4-7. In February WONCA Europe’s Executive Committee met with the host organising committee (HOC) at the Hotel Regina in Vienna to discuss final preparations. As the title “the art and science of general practice / family medicine” suggests, art is playing a prominent role at the congress.

The host organizing committee of WONCA Europe Conference 2012 wants to remind you, that “docsart”, an international art exhibition, will be organized at WONCA Europe Conference 2012. All colleagues, who are artistically active, are invited to present their artistic work at this art exhibition organized at the conference site in Vienna. For signing up please contact the curator of the exhibition, Dr. Gerhard Kitzler by e-mail: [email protected] before May 11th 2012.

Speakers on art

The organizing committee of the WONCA Europe Conference 2012 is proud to present the invited speakers for the opening ceremony. Mr Peter Turrini, is an Austrian poet and playwright who has been writing since 1971, when his play Rozznjogd premiered at the Volkstheater, Vienna. A versatile author, he has written plays, screenplays, poems, and essays. Rather than presenting an authentic picture of reality, in Turrini's understanding it is the function of the theatre to exaggerate and, by doing so, to raise the consciousness of the public. In the year 2011 Peter Turrini got the famous Nestroy award for his lifework.

Mrs Elisabeth von Samsonow, a famous artist and professor of philosophical and historical anthropology of art in Vienna will present her perspectives.

Dr Tony Mathie, president of WONCA Europe (centre in pale green sweater); next to HOC president, Dr Gustav Kamenski (in suit and blue tie); with Prof Manfred Maier, HOC scientific committee chair (between them at rear); and other members of the WONCA Europe executive and the HOC meet in February in Vienna.

WONCA leaders as keynote speakers

Professor Iona Heath, the current president of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and also member-at-large of the WONCA world executive, will deliver her keynote speech on “the art of doing nothing”.

Next to Iona Heath as a keynote speaker for the “art” part of the plenary sessions, Professor Richard Roberts, President of WONCA recently confirmed his participation. He will give his keynote speech on The art of family doctoring – a global view.

Also on the program is Professor Andrew Miles talking about The art of balancing science, care and compassion. Prof Miles is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine and of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. Initially trained as a medical biochemist, Prof. Miles devoted his work to balancing profound biomedical and technological knowledge with a deep understanding of the patient as a person. He was previously Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Social Medicine and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham and is now Director of the International Conference and Publication Series on Personalised Approaches to Healthcare at the International College for Person Centered Medicine.

Gustav Kamenski,
President of the 18th WONCA Europe Conference 2012
Manfred Maier,
Chairman of the Scientific Committee