WONCA Europe awards

At the recent WONCA Europe conference in Lisbon, this year's winners of various awards were announced.

Vasco da Gama Movement prizes:

Hippokrates Prize

Solveig Carmienke (Germany) - (pictured at right)

Claudio Carosino Prize

Gemma Rovira Marcelino (Spain)

Junior Researcher Award

  • Daniel Pinto (Portugal) - (pictured in his practice with WONCA President Michael Kidd)
  • Sam Creavin ( England)
  • Danielle Divilly (Ireland)

Montegut scholarship

Eralda Turkeshi (Albania) - (pictured left)

The five star Doctor

For more information about the award of WONCA's award of excellence - the five star doctor award

Three extraordinary nominations were received:
1) Dr Bas Houweling, The Netherlands
2) Dr Nato Shengelia, Georgia
3) Dr Antonija Poplas Susic, Slovenia

The winner was - Dr Antonija Poplas Susic, Slovenia

In brief, Antonija is:
  • Specialty trained family doctor
  • 20 years in Ljubljana suburb practice:
  • Innovative services for a community / special patient group preventive services for non-communicable diseases
  • Chair of scientific board for primary care
  • Advisor to Minister of Health for 5 years
  • An expert advisor in a World Bank project in Montenegro
  • Teacher in family medicine
  • Author of several papers
  • Quality manager of a large health care centre
WONCA News  hope to be able to write more about Antoija in a future newsletter

VDGM executive farewell

Also at the award ceremony the outgoing executive committee of the Vasco da Gama Movement were congratulated on the job they have done. That committee consisted of:

Charilaos (Harris) Lygidakis (Chair)
Tobias Freund (Secretary)
Martin Sattler (Treasurer)
Sara Rigon (Exchange, Hippokrates )
Persijn Honkoop (Research Liaison)
Zuzana Švadlenková (Education)
Raluca Zoitanu (Image Liaison)
Raquel Gomez Bravo (Beyond Europe Liaison)
Catarina Matias (Lisbon Preconference 2014 Manager)

Photo: VDGM executive old and new