WONCA Europe coming to Lisbon next month

WONCA Europe is being held in Lisbon from July 2-5 .. register now.

João Sequeira Carlos is a Family Physician and president of the Portuguese Association of General Practice/Family Medicine (APMGF). He is the Host Organising Committee president for the WONCA Europe conference being held in Lisbon in July 2014. He is also this month's featured doctor. The WONCA Editor asked him "What you expect for Lisbon WONCA Europe Conference?" 

WONCA Europe gave APMGF the opportunity to organize the 2014 WONCA Europe Conference. We are combining the committee’s expertise with Lisbon sights and traditions in setting an outstanding program.

From Portuguese history we learnt that in moments of difficulty, Portuguese people react with action promoting further development. We feel stronger these days and we are very confident that we have organized a memorable conference. As in the time of Portuguese discoveries, old navigators discovered new ways to travel around the world: now we are ready to challenge our colleagues to develop new routes for General Practice and Family Medicine.

We have registered colleagues from almost 70 countries representing all WONCA World Regions. We received about 2000 abstracts helping us to create a robust scientific program related to four main areas: innovation in primary care, the new generation of family doctors, personalized and comprehensive care, and knowledge management.

Since the old times of maritime discoveries Lisbon is a symbol of global thinking. Under the motto "New Routes for General Practice and Family Medicine" APMGF is preparing a conference to explore new trends of our specialty. We want to celebrate the role of each family physician in health systems.

See you in Lisbon!
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About the conference

Job Metsemakers President WONCA Europe

Isabel Pereira dos Santos President of the Scientific Committee

Who are the invited speakers?

Joana Carneiro

Carl Rudebeck

Margaret McCartney  

.......and WONCA Leaders

Richard Roberts

Michael Kidd (WONCA President)

Two workshops

WONCA Working Party on Ethics - Manfred Maier

WONCA Working Party on the Environment- Grant Blashk