WONCA History - WONCA Asia Pacific returns to Taipei

From March 4-8, 2015 WONCA Asia Pacific region held their conference in Taipei, Chinese Taipei. This was preceded as usual by the WONCA Asia Pacific council meeting. WONCA Asia Pacific region has met before in Taipei -16 years ago from March 6-9,1999. The meetings were both held at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC).

Compare the photographs of the Asia Pacific region council members taken in 2015 and 1999. (below). Some representatives on the Asia Pacific council meeting remain after 16 years! Daniel Thuraiappah (Malaysia), Donald Li (Hong Kong), Tai-Yuan Chiu (Chinese Taipei), Ching-Yu Chen (Chinese Taipei), Zorayda "Dada" Leopando (Philippines), Shih-Tzu "Steve" Tsai (Chinese Taipei). Did we miss anyone? (mail [email protected])

Note also the 1999 photo features current members of WONCA World executive Karen Flegg and Donald Li (now WONCA Executive members-at large, then representing New Zealand and Hong Kong respectively) and Pratap Prasad (now WONCA South Asia region president - at the time South Asia region had not yet been formed and he was representing Nepal on the Asia Pacific council)

2015 - a happy crowd and below more serious in 1999