WONCA Iberoamericana CIMF addresses crisis in Peru and the region

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From the Ibero-American Confederation of Family and Community Medicine (WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF), we deeply regret the loss of human lives in the context of social mobilizations in various regions of Peru since December 2022 and express our concern about the violence increase. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the communities and families of the deceased.

As care professionals dedicated to the population's well-being and health being a right threatened by the country's serious situation, we urge the authorities and security forces to take measures and ensure adequate care safely and prevent the increasing deaths in the population due to the cessation of health services in multiple parts of the country and relieve the difficulties faced by healthcare professionals to carry out their work.

Similarly, we call on individuals and social organizations to exercise the right to protest peacefully, avoid violent acts, respect life and maintain serenity. We call on all parties to protect all people's rights, especially those in vulnerable situations and ensure that injured and sick people can receive medical care in a timely manner.

As CIMF, we offer support and help so that the right to health, life, and universal health care prevail. We express our commitment and willingness to support the generation of dialogue and listening processes for peace. Our countries chronically experience violence and rights violations that inevitably have health repercussions and take lives. Based on this situation, we periodically witness crises of a social, political or economic order that deteriorate our living conditions and health. The recent attack on democracy in Brazil, the wage demands of doctors in Venezuela and the mobilizations in Spain in defence of the public health system and the right to quality medical care are recent examples of a reality that has become increasingly unstable and permanent if we visualize ourselves as a region.

Our solidarity is with the health teams, family and community doctors, the population of our countries, their children and adolescents, the elderly, and adults who, in apparent good health, carry the weight of supporting families and society with their work and see their mental health falter. With them also our commitment to contribute to the construction of peace, equity and health in our Ibero-American region.

CIMF Executive Committee
Presidencia Regional:
Jacqueline Ponzo

Thomas Meoño Martín

Honorary Treasurer
Marina Almenas

Southern Vice Presidency
Marcela Cuadrado

Mesoamerica Vice Presidency
Sonia Ortiz

Andean Countries Vice Presidency
Rosa Villanueva Carrasco

Vice Presidency of Iberia
Maria Fernandez Garcia

Waynakay Representative
Gabriela DiCroce

National Associations

Federación Argentina de
Medicina Familiar y General

Sociedad Boliviana de
Medicina Familiar

Sociedade Brasileira de
Medicina de Família e Comunidade

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Medicina Familiar

Asociación Costarricense de
Especialistas en Medicina
Familiar y Comunitaria

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Medicina Familiar

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Medicina Familiar

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Medicina Familiar

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Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria

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