WONCA Prague 2017: the latest news

WONCA Europe comes to Prague from June 28 - July 1, 2017. The latest news from the Scientific Committee chair and about the exciting WONCA Europe open meeting.

Dear WONCA family,

On behalf of the Scientific Committee we would like to invite you to attend the WONCA Europe 2017 Conference .

We thank the nearly one hundred colleagues from Europe who knidly helped us with the abstract assessment. Each abstract from almost fifteen hundred abstracts from 62 countries submitted for the WONCA Europe 2017 Conference has been reviewed and scored by two international reviewers and one super reviewer.

We received many suggestions for interesting workshops, but we unfortunately cannot place all in the program. The one slide five minutes’ presentation is becoming a popular format, too. We believe to be able to compose an optimal and attractive scientific program based on your contributions. The programme at glance is already done and can be accessed here.

The Scientific Committee further developed the overall theme "Growing together in diversity", and we are reflecting and working on the future Legacy of the Conference.

We have received an excellent video message from the WONCA World President Prof. Amanda Howe with the invitation for our WONCA 2017 Prague Conference – accessible on the website.

We are confident that this conference will be enjoyable, of interest to all GPs and will provide a stimulating opportunity for networking with colleagues from across Europe.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague!

Jachym Bednar, MD, Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee

Person centered care - policy meets practice in Prague

WONCA Europe Open Meeting, Thursday June 29, from 11:15

Director Hans Kluge, Department of Health Systems and Public Health WHO Europe, and WONCA Europe President Anna Stavdal invite you to an interactive session, chaired by WONCA Europe Immediate Past President Job Metsemakers.

In order to achieve our ambition taking the front seat when the development of family medicine is on the table in our region, WONCA Europe must exert influence where policies are made. WHO Europe is an important trendsetter when states in the region plan and tailor their health care.

WONCA Europe has established close and fruitful collaboration with WHO Europe.

Person centered care is the bedrock of family medicine. The concept is fully adopted by the WHO when member states are advised on health policies and plans.

The outcome of health policies should be measured and monitored on how it is experienced by individuals and by the population. We would argue that GPs, with their ears to the ground, and through continuity of care are worth listening to before policies are set, plans are made and action is taken.

How can policymakers and practitioners find common ground, share experience and make sure that state of the art family medicine is given ample attention and taken into due account before policies are operationalized? This, no less, is what this session aim to explore.

Conference Evening in the Municipal House

Do not miss a unique opportunity to visit the jewel of Art Nouveau style architecture! Enjoy fine food, dance and music from a live band!

The Municipal House is an emblematic building on the Republic Square that is one of Prague treasures. In the 14th and 15th century stood in this place one of the Czech king residence. The place being a royal residence, there were many buildings, but today only the monumental Powder Gate remains. Once upon a time, this place was the starting point of Czech kings coronation parades.

Between 1905 and 1912, following a proposal submitted by architects Balšánek and Polívka to build a concert hall, leading Czech artists such as Mikoláš Aleš, František Ženíšek, Josef Myslbek or Alfons Mucha participated in the decoration of this Art Nouveau jewel.

The early days of the building saw two important events connected to the history of the Czech lands: the independence of Czechoslovakia was declared here on October 28, 1918, and Vaclav Havel with the members of the Civic Forum met here the ruling squad of Communists in late November 1989.

That is why the Municipal House is not only a significant gem of Art Nouveau architecture, but also a place that witnessed important historical events.

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