WONCA SIG on cancer & palliative care symposium coming in Lisbon

The WONCA Special Interest Group on Cancer and Palliative Care will conduct a symposium at the WONCA Europe conference coming up in Lisbon in July. The talks will be a combination of recent research with 'practical tips' for family doctors in cancer early detection, screening and management. We think it will have wide appeal as these are topics which are frequently faced by GPs. The symposium will be delivered by leading researchers in primary care & cancer, who are also practising GPs. They will cover the following topics:

1. Early cancer diagnosis in primary care (lead Peter Vedsted, Denmark)

• Diagnostic intervals in primary care – are they too long?
• Do prolonged cancer diagnostic intervals lead to worse patient outcomes?
• Tips for reducing diagnostic intervals in your patients

2. Screening and primary care (lead David Weller, United Kingdom)

• New challenges, new tests – how can primary care respond to a changing landscape in cancer screening?
• International differences in the role of primary care in cancer screening
• How can family doctors and primary care teams improve uptake and informed choice in cancer screening?

3. After diagnosis: issues for the family doctor (lead Annette Berendsen, Netherlands)

• Do patients with cancer keep seeing their GP?
• One of your patients has been diagnosed with cancer. What next? What should be your role as a GP?

At the conclusion of the talks, we will have an interactive panel discussion. The symposium will include a 5 to 10 minute 'SIG Business' component, in which we explain the aims of the WONCA Cancer & Pallitiave Care SIG, ask for suggestions about the SIG, and seek new members.

Prof David Weller (convenor)

  View the preliminary program for WONCA Lisbon