WONCA Webinar on Family Violence during the COVID-19 crisis

Dr Hagit Dascal Weichhendler and Assist Prof Nena Nena Kopcavar Gucek, co-chairs of the WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence report:

The WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence thanks WONCA World for hosting a webinar on Family Violence highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on this complex issue.

One epidemic meets another: Family violence (FV) and Gender Based Violence are global phenomena and leading public health problems, existing long before the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic, as well as measures taken to contain it, have significantly increased isolation, family tensions, economic hardships. This has caused a huge increase (up to seven fold) in the number of calls to various FV hotlines in several countries. Taking into consideration that many victims are locked in their homes without the possibility to connect and reach out for help these numbers are alarming. But, health care providers are still in touch with their patients, and even in remote consultations can reach out and help patients connect with available resources. This can make a difference and even save lives!

Click on the image below to view the webinar. The webinar features:
• An overview of family violence and discussion of specific aspects related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
• A discussion and explanation of the physician's role, including a role play demonstration of a remote consultation.
• The last section presents some other aspects such as child and elder abuse; looking at the whole family and context; the specific situation in low and middle income countries

More resources:
Webinar slides
• More information and list of several resources from around the world

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