WONCA Working Party on Mental Health develops consultancy services

January, 2015

In recent years, WONCA’s Working Party on Mental Health (WWPMH) has been collaborating ever more closely with WHO in developing community based mental health programs globally. WHO has developed a Mental Health Gap Action Program (mhGAP), designed to scale up services for mental, neurological and substance use disorders, especially for countries with low- and middle-income.

Given the crucial role that primary health care has to play in this program, WONCA, through its WWPMH, has strongly supported this initiative and has now developed consultancy services to provide additional support to countries who wish to implement national programs.

These services are designed to enable low-income and middle-income countries to maximize the integration of primary and mental health care within the mhGAP framework. . The integration of mental health with primary care improves identification and treatment rates for priority mental disorders. It also promotes access and holistic care for comorbid physical and mental health problems.

WWPMH can offer technical assistance in policy development, education and training and research.

We have an impressive selection of consultants from a variety of countries:
Abdullah Al-Khathami, Saudi Arabia
Adekunle Joseph Ariba, Nigeria
Christopher Dowrick, UK
Sandra Fortes, Brazil
Luis Galvez, Spain
Jane Gunn, Australia
Michael Klinkman, USA
Gabrielle Ivbijaro, UK
Christos Lionis, Greece
Juan Mendive, Spain
Donald Nease Jr, USA
Henk Parmentier, UK
Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten, The Netherlands

If anyone would like more details of the services available they should contact:
Professor Christopher Dowrick on [email protected] or
Dr Garth Manning on [email protected]

  Full details of consultancies and consultant bios