WONCA Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

We thank the contribution of our female colleagues in primary care from all over the world and we raise our voices for a gender-equal world! #ChooseToChallenge

Dr Anna Stavdal, WONCA President Elect

To celebrate International Women’s Day, WONCA President Elect, Dr Anna Stavdal, writes about the role of women within the healthcare workforce and the importance of an equal future in a post-COVID-19 world. Read the full article here.


Dr Viviana Martinez Bianchi, Executive Member-at-Large & WHO liaison

On International Women's day, I would like to salute all women of the world, and especially family doctors who have risen to the occasion of caring for their communities during the pandemic. Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world takes for each one of us to make a difference in the places where we work and live, working with our communities to achieve equity, leading and participating in interdisciplinary teams to improve access to healthcare, to COVID testing and vaccinations for historically marginalized populations.

Video Credits: Andrea Patiño Contreras and Victoria Bouloubasis

Dr Jacqueline Ponzo, Regional President of WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF

Regional President of WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF, Dr Jacqueline Ponzo shares an article written by two young women, Su-ming Khoo, specialist in Political Science and Sociology, and Mayara Floss, a family and community doctor from Brazil. The article deals with in depth problems of inequity exposed by the pandemic in Brazil. Dr Jacqueline Ponzo translated the article into Spanish. You can also read the English version at Discover Society here.

WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine

Watch the webinar on Gendered Impact of the Pandemics on YouTube. The session was organised by WONCA and the WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine, and features: Aileen Espina, Mimi Doohan, Anna Stavdal, Amanda Howe, Paula Henry, Victoria Tkachenko, Patience Ekperi, Tim Myo Han, Lucy Candib, Kate Anteyi, and Erfen Suwangto.