WONCA launches new website

July, 2012

World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) President Elect, Professor Michael Kidd, has launched the new website for the organization at the WONCA Europe 2012 conference being held in Vienna, Austria.

On launching the new site Prof Kidd said “We have developed a comprehensive web portal for the family doctors of the world. This will become the global reference point for family doctors accessing medical information and resources.”The website encourages family doctors worldwide to register online for access to the user friendly WONCA Forum that is password protected. The greater the involvement of individual family doctors, the greater the support the website will be able to provide to its members.

In an important step for family medicine, Prof Kidd noted that the new WONCA Forum has an ‘ask a colleague’ section where family doctors can post a question to their peers in the global family doctor community for discussion, interaction and advice. Prof Kidd predicts that this will become an important interactive resource.

Also included on the website is a collection of resource materials supporting ‘the case for primary care’. Many of the materials in this collection were written by Professor Barbara Starfield, and the collection is named after her. Barbara Starfield championed the value and need of strong primary health care systems worldwide, and testimonials to her work are also included.

WONCA is reintroducing its “featured doctor” section, allowing family doctors to find out more about colleagues from around the world. The first family doctors featured are Prof Christos Lionis, of Greece, a well-known contributor to the work of WONCA, and Prof John Murtagh, of Australia, author of the international bestselling textbook Murtagh's General Practice. Future featured doctors will include family doctors little-known outside their own country, as well as colleagues with regional and international profiles.

Family doctors from around the world are invited to submit their favourite clinical guidelines or resources for inclusion or linking to the website. Links to useful journals are also welcome. WONCA aims to create a repository of links to resources that are of high quality and specific to the needs of family doctors. Prof Kidd said “rather than covering all possible resources of a medical nature, WONCA aims to provide quality information for family doctors”.

Prof Kidd believes that "family doctors now have a dynamic global, living breathing website”.

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