WP Environment : Green WONCA Highlights

Enrique Barros reports:

WP on the Environment - e-meetings

Many members participated in a poll that determined our e-meetings will be bimonthly on Tuesdays at 1200 GMT, starting this 2nd April.
We had a very productive e-meeting on strategic planning for the biennium.
Please check out the minutes here.

WP on the Environment - ongoing projects

Updating our vision/mission/objectives
Following on our last e-meeting on Strategic Planning for this biennium (see minutes above), we are finalizing our new official document.

Sustainable and climate-friendly policy for WONCA events
We have been working on this project for a long time (led by Paola and Alice). After much research and thought, our Working Party has decided to mostly adopt the IFMSA recommendations. We will make due adaptations and forward this to WONCA exec for approval.

Declaration on planetary health
The “Declaration calling for the Family Doctors of the world to act on planetary health” was launched on March 1st 2019

Air Health Train the Trainer Program
The WONCA Air Health Train the Trainer Program is run through the Working Party on the Environment, which aims to increase awareness among family doctors and other primary healthcare practitioners– and in turn their patients - in Lower and Middle Income countries (LMICs) about the health risks of exposure to air pollution.

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