WP on Indigenous & Minority Groups Health Issues annual report

Dr Tane A Taylor, Chair, WP on Indigenous & Minority Groups Health Issues (WWPI&MGHI) chair reports:

The activities outlined in this plan have been bubbling along, but can and should be enhanced.

As an organisation WONCA covers the full breadth of general practice which faces multiple challenges across the globe. We have many knowledgeable and willing experts across multiple WG and SIG. Every one of these groups and we as individuals (including myself) are very protective of our ‘area of interest/expertise’ – however we might consider how we can be more efficient and successful if we develop a more principle based patient/family outcome focus, coordinated and fluid collaboration framework. Meaning measuring our success on a quality patient/family health/wellness outcome. Understanding and implementing the notion that there is no quality without equity.

Our Working Party workplan for 2017 to 2019 highlights key activities to support the group’s previously stated objectives:

• To serve as a focus to stimulate and promote standards of excellence in the primary care management of cultural competency, consistent with patient and professional values and with reference to evidence based health care
• To promote the concept of indigenous and minority groups health issues
• To promote and develop indigenous and minority groups health research activities in primary care and the primary care interface
• To hold scientific meetings, which may include sessions and workshops, during WONCA regional and world conferences, to present original papers and to address broader educational issues through discussion, training and debate
• To develop and promote appropriate literature for primary care professionals using a variety of resources, including WONCA Online
• To promote cultural competency world-wide through collaborative working within WONCA, NGOs, government organisations, patient groups and other medical colleges
• To address the issue of stigma associated with indigenous and minority groups health issues.

Key issues include:

1. Enhance WWPI&MGHI structures
-Expand membership
-Foster and encourage an ‘All of WONCA Governance Ownership’ approach to these issues by requiring representation and participation across all WONCA constituencies - Regional Presidents; WONCA Young Doctors Movements; Working Parties Chairs; Special Interest Groups Chairs.
-Enhance communication between WWPI&MGHI members

2. Provide leadership
-Advise Executive and Council of relevant indigenous & minority groups health issues.
-Ensure all WONCA sponsored/associated conferences have appropriate content addressing Indigenous & Minority Groups Health issues.
-Ensure all WONCA sponsored/associated conferences abstracts are reviewed through an equity lens.
-Encourage WONCA to actively seek and engage with Indigenous & Minority groups across the globe either directly or through their membership organisations.
-Facilitate discussions within WONCA on how to prioritise the importance of Cultural Competency not only in the training of our new family physicians but also in the delivery of healthcare within our communities across the globe.

I am looking forward to meeting up with as many as possible during our Seoul conference gathering.

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