WWPWFM: Embrace Equity

WWPWFM: There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Every year on the 8th of March, International women's day is celebrated to uplift, encourage, and influence women across the globe to rise and be the best versions of themselves within every field including social, political, cultural, economic and scientific activities. This year's theme emphasizes the achievement of women who have strived, worked hard and made a name in the field of innovation and technology removing any biases and establishing gender equality. There are so many unsung female heroes that have made significant contributions within innovation and technology and this women's day, we would like to remember all of these heroes.

I have seen inspiring stories everyday on the internet including women who have bounced back into careers after being stay at home mothers for years: Laura BoccanfusogotherPhD in computersciencesandhas been the forerunner in creating Al enabled classroom tutors for students to assist children with learning disabilities. Similarly, in the field of science, Jennifer Doudna solved the most complex biological structures using X-ray crystallography and was awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry. Amongstthe youngsters, we have women who have started businesses and upskilled more women to join the workforce through innovation and technology. Cristina Junqueria cofounded Nubank within fintech to provide services to over 53 million customers. All these women strive towards a common goal: Creating a world where women can dream and make their dreams a reality. This year, let us set examples but also encourage one another to understand the importance of learning and continuously growing.

On behalf of the WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM), I would first like to thank all female family doctors across the world for their contributions and dedication towards clinical practices especially within women's health and education. The only way we can continually progress is by constanfly challenging ourselves and finding inspiration from each other. May this women's day be our reminder to never give up on our dreams and to ensure that we can also be part of the system that breaks the biases that surround women. Let WONCA set an example of women in medicine advancing and creating transparency, equality and innovation through their actions and efforts.

Let us continue dreaming together, for a dream we have together is what becomes reality.

Dr. Elizabeth Reji

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