Walk into the Rattlesnake Pit - WONCA Rural in Albuquerque

Whoever and wherever we are, we all have a problem providing health care for our rural communities. It may be access to basic health care, it may be government inaction, it may be the conditions that you work in, it may be preserving patient centred care and many more issues. Whatever riles you, this is your opportunity to tell us about it and tell us what you have done to make a difference for your patients. Its an opportunity to open up a dialogue and start a discussion. You may just want to tell us about something special that you are doing in your practice/clinic or a larger project that has an impact on whole communities.

Please consider taking up our invitation to present your passion at the “Rattlesnake Pit” session on the Assembly Day of the World Rural Health Conference in Albuquerque, October 12th.

We are looking for 10 inspiring presenters who will walk into the pit and enthuse us all.

Please look at the attached invitation and:
1. Tell us why you feel there is a particular reason why you should present at Rattlesnake Pit
2. Project /Presentation Title
3. Describe your project’s innovation with reference to how it helps, at the frontline, the health of rural people through a local, national or international initiative that addresses one of the following
a. Rural community’s health needs
b. Rural health facilities
c. Rural health workforce
We want exemplars that you can share with others, we want your passion to inspire and enthuse the audience.

Go on! Be brave and walk into the pit! Take up the offer!

John Wynn-Jones
[email protected]
Chair WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice