Waynakay Movement - April 2015


With great enthusiasm, young Family Medicine doctors left their mark at the 4th Iberoamerican Conference of Family and Community Medicine. – Montevideo 2015. The theme was “Quality and Equity in Healthcare.” Hundreds of young doctors were able to improve their abilities with critical thinking, leadership, and patient care through exchanges, research, and sharing of best practices. With the participation of Polaris and Vasco da Gama movements, Waynakay successfully performed its first preconference where 276 young family doctors signed up to attend.

Attendees participated in dynamic groups and discussions allowing for reflection on the following areas:
-Health of the resident
-Health of the young family doctor
-Academic programs and international differences
-Challenges facing national health systems
-Profile of Family Physicians

The outcomes of this event were elaborated in the Waynakay Declaration presented at the closing ceremony of the conference. The document emphasizes the continued efforts of young family doctors in Iberoamerica and the collaboration with WONCA CIMF to strengthen Family Medicine together. Each participant returned to his or her country with a new-found enthusiasm and international support system. Specifically, Paraguay and Costa Rica actively formed their own national level young doctor movement and selected their representatives to Waynakay. We look to continue supporting the current efforts and create new collaborations that will fortify Family Medicine at the national level, within WONCA CIMF, and across the globe!

Photo: (l to r) Rodolfo Deusdará (Brasil - Waynakay), Karen Muñoz (Colombia), Lina Mahecha (Colombia), Inez Padula (WONCA Iberoamericana region president), Pablo Araya (Chile), Andrea De Angulo (Colombia - Waynakay), Jorge López (Chile)

Best wishes,

Andrea De Angulo
Waynakay Movement chair