Waynakay YDM Update 2022

Below, you will find a compilation of the reports presented regarding the Waynakay Movement activities during the last triennium. 

Representatives of countries incorporated into Waynakay participated in the vaccination for COVID-19. 

We've participated with active members of WONCA YDM in Mexico, and resident doctors of Family Medicine of UMF 31 in Nuevo León, sharing and learning from great leaders of the speciality worldwide. 

We also highllight the participation of our team in "Women leaders of Family Medicine in the Ibero-American region", addressing the issue of Women in the Health Sector and Women's Health, representing Latin America from the perspective of the Family Medicine residency. 

Dr Brando Cantú was the representative of Waynakay Mexico at the Global Health Summit 2021 of the #AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) and young family doctors around the world, generating networks and sharing knowledge. 

Waynakay is committed to patient education. Therefore, we have created explanatory videos about the proper self-monitoring of glycemic levels and sharing dietary recommendations. 

Dr Janeth Domínguez, in Mendoza, Argentina, shared information about the Certification of the Family Physician in Mexico, the way of working in family health studies and the benefits of being part of the Colegio de Medicina Familiar del Estado de Nuevo León. 

Waynakay is always looking for continuous medical development and update, which is why we have given ourselves the task of conducting online courses focused on family doctors and staff of first-level care . The programmes have academic endorsement from the Universidad de Monterrey. 

In addition, we were present at the 3rd Congress of Family Medicine, Saltillo 2022, with the participation of Dr Brando Cantú, Dr Janeth Domínguez and Dr Alejandro Saldaña, whom highlighted the role we have as family doctors in the comprehensive approach to the elderly. 

In Mexico,  a quarterly newsletter was published under the editorial coordination of Dr Clara Gómez. The issue includes reviewed articles, Waynakay members experiences in their professional practice, and trimestral reports. 

We have had several conversations with the community to provide information concerning the vaccine against Sars Cov 2. In addition, we created informational videos aiming to clear doubts and encourage the population to get vaccinated. 

We have created the Instagram and Facebook page of @waynakaypanama, as we consider these digital platforms crucial channels to boost the movement promotion.

We also presented the Waynakay movement to the teaching department of the Family Medicine Residency Program of the Republic of Panama. 

In Waynakay Peru, a position was held for the integration of members to the board of directors of the Sociedad Peruana de Medicina Familiar.