Working Party on Rural Practice’s resource page

At you will find the new WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice’s resource page. Here you will be able to access and submit rural grey literature as well as discuss these resources with your peers through the online portal. The resource page is complimentary to the WONCA Rural Practice Working Party web page on WONCA's website.

The new resource page will provide an up to date working space for accessing helpful resources, links, conference announcements and discussions for WONCA Rural Practice topics. is a searchable website for looking up resources by topic, category or free search. We will need contributors to build this new resource for WONCA so please explore the site, register online and help us make the most of this new opportunity. Examples include providing updates and comments to the WONCA Rural Medical Education Guidebook, links to journals and organizations of interest and contributing to other important reports, studies and clinical resources.

For more information contact Dave Schmitz.
[email protected]

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