World Family Doctor Day - May 19th

March, 2016

World Family Doctor Day (FDD) – 19th May - was first declared by WONCA in 2010 and it has become a day to highlight the role and contribution of family doctors in health care systems around the world. The event has gained momentum globally each year and it is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the central role of our specialty in the delivery of personal, comprehensive and continuing health care for all of our patients. It’s also a chance to celebrate the progress being made in family medicine and the special contributions of family doctors all around the world.

Last year many of our colleagues across the globe celebrated the day by organising a variety of events and activities, and we received reports and photographs from many countries, which we were able to feature in WONCA News. Dr Karen Flegg, the WONCA Editor, has even produced a template for countries and College and societies and associations, to aid reporting: submit report here

We’re very happy for Member Organizations to develop their own theme for FDD, depending on local priorities, but this year we’d especially like to highlight smoking cessation. Smoking is the activity most damaging to health in a whole range of ways, and part of our role as family doctors is to be able to encourage our patients to stop smoking and to provide resources and support to help them. We’re making a number of resources available to our members for them to use during FDD:

- The FDD logo is available via the WONCA website

- Our colleagues in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) have very kindly allowed us to access their smoking cessation tools. These can be accessed here and all we ask is that you acknowledge AAFP as the source of the materials.

- IPCRG (the International Primary Care Respiratory Group) also produce a number of helpful resources for family doctors available here, including a very useful desktop helper: “Helping patients quit smoking: brief interventions for healthcare professionals

We look forward to getting reports from Member Organizations in due course with news and photos of the events held, and many of these will be featured in future editions of WONCA News.

Garth Manning