World Family Doctor Day 2016 celebrated worldwide

This year as always it seems World Family Doctor Day has grown in popularity. The theme of smoking cessation was taken up with enthusiasm as evidenced by some of the posters produced.

WONCA President's Message for Family Doctor Day
Activtiy report submitted by member organisations around the world are listed below.

Download country reports part 1Download country reports part 2 Proposed activities document (WONCA News May 2016)

Feature: Young doctors celebrate Family Doctor Day

Our feature is on the videos produced by WONCA’s young doctors’ movements.
WONCA President, Michael Kidd sent a special message to the North America region’s Polaris members who were meeting in Tobago.

Polaris (North America Region)

in turn sent their message to others

Al Razi East Mediterranean region

Al Razi YDM reports that it celebrated World Family Doctor Day 2016 with a series of activities:
• Releasing a congratulation video message from all the national liaisons (see above)  with 275 views by the fifth day of release.
• Releasing of the following hashtags :‎Al_Razi‬ #‎family_doctor_day‬ #‏سالوني_عن_طب_الاسرة‬ Requesting all the family physicians in the EMR to express their opinions about family practice on their own day. More than 100 responses.
• Celebrating family physicians by dedicating them a pink flower during their work in the family health centers expressing admiration and happiness with them on their own day. This occurred in all the regional countries.
• Sending a congratulation card on behalf of Al Razi to all accessible family physicians in the region. Three cards were created in Arabic, English and both. They were distributed via social media and emails to all accessible family physicians.

National Al Razi activities:

o Collaboration with the family doctors association in arranging a workshop for the family medicine on Saturday 21 May, 2016 to announce their strategy to focus on the occupational health of the family physician whether mental or physical or social. Distributing of greeting cards with flowers was done to all in attendance

o A lecture for all family doctors in El Nagah university was conducted on May 19, 2016
o A television interview on May 19, 2016 was done by Dr Suha about the importance of family practice in the community

Egypt :
o Community awareness sessions for the importance of family practice in the community in collaboration with EFMA and the family medicine department in Menoufia University in Munshaat sultan PHC to the community on May 9-10, 2016
o Family physician practice improvement scientific day titled ''Family practice and summer diseases'' on May 22 in Menoufia Medical syndicate in collaboration with family medicine department in Menoufia University, Medical syndicate & EFMA.
o A short lecture about Al Razi activates was presented followed by dissemination of pink flowers to the attendees (75 family physicians)

Photo: Dr Sajedah Shaltoni, family medicine consultant in Westbay health center in Qatar.

o Dr Mohamed Mossa launched his mobile phone application in conjunction with the family doctor week celebration