YDM Newsletter: Al Razi Movement - Dec 2022

Al Razi YDM Newsletter - December 2022

1. Al Razi Preconference Workshop during WONCA EMR Regional Conference - Muscat 10-12 Nov 2022
Al Razi team was actively involved in the preparation of the WONCA EMR Regional conference through the organization and presentation of Al Razi Pre-conference Workshops. A small working group has been developed, led by Al Razi Chair Anas Almohtaseb, and included Adel Yaski, Samiah Almehamdi and Hella AlOthman (Saudi Arabia), Nouf Al Noun (UAE), Ahmad Al Hanashi and Basim Aljahwari (Oman), Dana Aldaghlise and Mahmoud Sqour (Jordan), and Tasneem Yahya (Palestine). Four workshops were conducted (1 hour each) at the beginning of the first and second days of the conference. In Addition to that Al Razi Chair, being a member of the Scientific Committee of the conference, participated in reviewing the submitted abstracts.

2. Al Razi Members and Executive Group, WONCA EMR Executive Group, and YDM Lead Committee:
Al Razi Council: New Members (Since Nov 2022): Marwa Alraisi (Oman), Omar Alshammari (Kuwait), Yousef Rizq (Lebanon). Thanks for Ahmad Al Hanashi, Ahmad Fakhreddine, and Reina Alameddine, respectively, for their effort during their term in Al Razi. Other Membership: 1. E-Health WP: Adel Yaski, 2. ASPIRE Group: Beesan Maraqa (Palestine). Al Razi Meetings: Three meetings from August to Dec 2022.
WONCA EMR: Anas attended all meetings of the executive group of WONCA EMR, the latest was in Muscat Nov 2022.
YDM Lead: Anas & Reina attended all meetings of YDM Leads. Anas participated with subgroup in reviewing the bylaw.

3. Running the series “Meeting the experts” webinars:
• Primary Care Indicators in Muscat Governorate was conducted on 4th June 2022. The webinar was prepared by Reina and Adel and presented by Ahmed Al Hanashi.

4. Preparation and presenting the “Research Methods” training course: 12 young family doctors from Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco completed the 14-hour online course (7 sessions, 2 hours each) from 28th May 2022 to 20th August 2022. The activity was led by Beesan and the trainer is Dr. Zaher Nazzal, Community Medicine Specialist at Al-Najah National University - Nabulus, Palestine.

5. Celebrating some global events: (1) Astana Declaration Anniversary: Anas, Adel, and Dana. (2) Universal Health Coverage Day: Anas.

6. Others:
• Al Razi Bylaw Revision: a working group has been developed (Beesan, Adel, and Marwa) to review the bylaw, provide amendments and submit it for endorsement by WONCA EMR Council.
• YDM Lead Webinar about Education: Gehad and Omar will take the lead in organizing it in collaboration with Education WP, in 22nd Jan 2023.
• Preparation for Al Razi Council meeting and election of new Al Razi Chair: discussions have been made to call for Al Razi Council meeting within the next few months, to elect the new chair of Al Razi, and some other executive group members who left Al Razi.

Extra Local Teams Activities
Egypt: (1) The team conducted several scientific activities (2) participated in multiple medical campaign in rural areas, and (3) participated in three scientific publications. Palestine: (1) Growing of Al Razi/Palestine team by extra 10 members since May 2022 (total 85 members). (3) Monthly scientific day, in collaboration with PAFM and Palestinian MoH. Jordan: (1) Family medicine during COVID: impact of COVID on women (a webinar). (2) Jordanian board of family medicine (an online workshop). (3) How to manage a GP clinic (a training course with Jordan Medical Association). (4). Community awareness campaign about breast cancer. (5) participation in Family Medicine Scientific Day, organized by Jordanian Family Medicine Society.