YDM Newsletter: The Spice Route Movement (Feb - Sep 2023)

1. Important Day Celebration
The Spice Route team organized a webinar to celebrate “World Day for Safety and Health at work” on 28th April hosted by the Spice Route team Sri Lanka. Also a panel discussion was organized to celebrate “World No Tobacco Day” on 31st May hosted by Spice Route team India.

2. WONCA YDM WP/SIG Collaborative Webinar Series
Participated in WONCA YDM Collaborative Webinar Series and hosted a webinar with the SIG on Health Equity on 28th May 2023. The theme of the webinar was “Health Equity Around the World” with presentations by young doctors of the world and breakout rooms to make it an interactive session.

3. MRCGP Scholarship
The results of the MRCGP (INT) Scholarship were announced and three young doctors from the region whose abstract had been accepted received the grant. They will be attending and presenting at the WONCA World Conference in Sydney, Australia in October 2023.

4. The Spice Route Star Award
The nomination process for the Spice Route Star award was commenced and the council worked collectively to evaluate and score the applications received. Dr Anuna Vinod was the winner of the award her name was forwarded to seek nomination for the WONCA World Rising Star Award.

5. Regular meetings
The Country leads of the Spice Route Council regularly meets virtually via Skype every second Sunday of the month to discuss and plan the future activities. Also, regular CPD activities for young doctors of their respective countries have been organized by Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan by the name of GPs’ Café, Spice Route Classroom and The Lounge, respectively.

Dr. Zainab. M. Anjarwala
The Spice Route: WONCA Young Doctors’ Movement, South Asia