YDM Newsletter: Waynakay - Dec 2022

The next pages gather together a compilation of the reports presented about Waynakay Movement activities during the last triennium.

There have been multiple meetings and meetings with various countries of the movement, reinforcing the joint work with national associations.

Representatives of countries incorporated into Waynakay, participated in the attention for COVID-19.

In Waynakay Mexico has focused on continuing medical education, for which a course-workshop on the development of research protocols was created, in order to support residents in the development of their protocols, with asynchronous sessions and a weekly live session where a weekly summary was addressed and they cleared doubted, in addition to the use of a platform where progress of the protocols of each participant was monitored.

Being a specialist in Family Medicine, forces us to know the context in which the family develops, its traditions, culture, history, food, which can be risk factors, not only in Mexico, but also in other Latin American countries, that is why Waynakay Mexico supports the work of our Panamanian brothers.

Recognition is made of the people who currently accredit their certification as medical specialists in Family Medicine.

Waynakay Mexico has worked with monthly academic sessions, where the speakers of the sessions are members of the Waynakay movement. With this we promote the early participation of the Young Doctor's.

In Mexico, the trimestral newsletter was carried out by the coordination of Editorial by Dr. Clara Gómez, where articles are reviewed, the experiences of Waynakay members in their professional practice are written and the projects to be carried out in the next trimester are reported.

Exhibition about the Waynakay movement to the teaching department of the Family Medicine Residency Program of the Republic of Panama.

Formation of national committees within the active members of the movement.

Presence during the XIII Panamanian Congress of Family Medicine "APS more important than ever" on May 26, 27 and 28, 2022 where an advertising banner with the Waynakay Panama logo was placed and shared with the attendees of the congress on the philosophy of the movement.

We participated together with authorities of the Social Security Fund of Panama in a community activity on prevention of cardiovascular diseases in July 2022.

Support in the organization in conjunction with the Panamanian Association of Family Medicine of the seminar to medical students that took place on July 30, 2022 where the following topics were:
• Management of hypertension Choosing therapeutics
• Hypothyroidism
• Screening for chronic kidney disease
• Workshop - integrated clinical case

The theme of communications throughout the movement has been reinforced, the first strength being social networks, emphasizing publications on days of commemoration of some conditions such as chronic degenerative and cancer.

In September, we participated with the organization of the WONCA YDM-WP/SIG Webinar, with the central theme of "The Young Family Physician and Environmental Challenges".

In November, the Waynakay movement participated in the VIII Ibero-American Summit of Family and Community Medicine "Family and Community Medicine, an essential specialty for the transformation of health systems in the XXI century". Active participation was carried out with interventions in presentations and work tables.