YDM Webinar on Digital Health

In March 2023, Polaris and the WP on E-Health collaborated to develop a successful YDM Webinar on the role of digital health in Family Medicine.

This webinar included discussions on the rise of digital technology throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, its utilizations across different types of family medicine settings, the types of digital health/apps physicians can utilize, and a comparison of digital health use in various countries.

This webinar would not have been possible without our panelists (Dr. Adel Ysky, Prof. Dr. Nick Guldemond, Dr. Na Wei Lun, Dr. Shakera Carroll), translators (Dr. Hew Sitt Yin, Dr. Chan Hiang Ngee, Dr. Brando Cantu), and our moderator (Nikita Pasricha).

Our webinar recording can be viewed here: