Welcome to the World Family Doctor Day 2023 report!

Welcome to the World Family Doctor Day 2023 report!

A Global Recap of Festivities! 

In this WONCA News edition, we would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our member organizations, colleagues, family doctors, primary care professionals and to our global family, for joining us in celebrating World Family Doctor Day! Your contributions and collaborations made this day truly extraordinary.

From engaging webinars that expanded knowledge to photos, collective activities, and exciting events that brought communities together, each initiative added a special touch to this celebration. Thank you for being part of this edition and for your continuous support in promoting the importance of family doctors and primary health care worldwide.

Our 2023 Campaign

World Family Doctor Day (WFDD), which took place on May 19, is a special occasion to shine a spotlight on the important role and contributions of family doctors and primary care teams in healthcare systems all over the world.

Since its declaration by WONCA in 2010, WFDD has become an annual celebration that recognizes the central role of family doctors in delivering personal, comprehensive, and continuous health care to patients. On May 19, we honoured and appreciated the tireless efforts of family doctors and primary care teams in improving healthcare outcomes and creating healthier communities worldwide. This year's theme was Family doctors: The Heart of Healthcare.

This year's campaign introduced three exciting new elements. First, we introduced a brand-new logo that exudes a minimalist and modern design, incorporating essential descriptive elements of our celebration. The public's response to it was fantastic, and it and will undoubtedly remain a lasting symbol of this celebration in the years to come.

The second addition to this year's campaign was the creation of our dedicated official website for World Family Doctor Day. The one-stop hub packed all the information about the campaign, including our thematic pillars and resources to fully participate in our campaign. The website has already received over 7600 visits and generated nearly 12,000 page views.

To make this year’s journey even smoother, we made our WFDD Toolkit available on a new Trello board, with all the essentials to join the campaign and customize communications to suit users’ needs. From thematic pillars and key messages to eye-catching social media banners, Zoom backgrounds, and even a handy introductory video that helped make the most of everything that's was available.

Activities Worldwide

Together, we have showcased the vital role of family doctors and the impact they have on individuals and communities. Below you will find some of the activities carried out around the world. While it's not possible to include every activity in this report, please know that we are sincerely thankful for each and every message received through our form and social media platforms.


World Family Doctor Day was celebrated across several countries in the WONCA Africa Region. In Nigeria, the Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria (Enugu Chapter) utilized both television and radio platforms to generate awareness about the role of family doctors, their societal benefits, and their achievements in the Nigerian healthcare sector. Meanwhile, Kaduna State University organized a medical outreach program, consisting of medical screenings and lectures highlighting the significance of periodic medical evaluations.

In Liberia, the Society of Family Physicians of Liberia observed the day in five out of the fifteen counties where family doctors hold leadership positions, such as Hospital Medical Directors and County Health Directors. Their activities encompassed a radio talk show discussing various health conditions like hypertension and type II diabetes, along with offering free blood pressure and blood glucose checks, voluntary HIV counselling, testing, and parades on principal streets.



World Family Doctor Day was celebrated with enthusiasm and dedication across countries in the Aisa Pacific Region

In Malaysia, the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (AFPM) organized a grand celebration attended by distinguished guests, including the Royal Patron, HRH Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir. The event featured a public forum on Public-Private Primary Care Partnerships, shedding light on bridging the gap between public and private healthcare sectors. The AFPM Chairman, Dr. Kaviayarasan, discussed the role and importance of GP Specialists and FMS pathway, while Dr. Suriani Sulaiman from the Family Medicine Specialist Association provided an overview of family medicine. Additionally, activities such as a children's drawing competition, free health screenings for osteoporosis, and booth activities on occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and hospice were conducted, highlighting the multidimensional approach of family medicine.

The Chinese Taipei Association of Family Medicine (CTAFM) in Taiwan dedicated its celebrations to the theme "Family Doctors: The Heart of Healthcare”, with a poster campaign, published a special issue on family doctors' invaluable realm, and organized a celebratory dinner to express gratitude for the long-term dedication of doctors. The initiatives aimed to promote health literacy, disease prevention, and the trusted role of family physicians in providing holistic care.

In Beijing, China, the Chinese Society of General Practice organized various activities in collaboration with associations and colleges to commemorate World Family Doctor Day. The event promoted the concept of guaranteeing contracts and guarding health, highlighting the importance of contracted services by family doctors. The activities included an outdoor walking event between family doctors and more than 1,000 contracted residents, a symbolic pledge by Professor Chi Chunhua on behalf of family doctors, and a focus on education, experience, and action to enhance health concepts among participants. The General Practice Branch of Cross-Strait Medicine Exchange Association also share their activities. The independent theme of this year's in China was 'Signing Up to Share Health'. The three WONCA member organizations in China collaborated to organize a range of exciting activities, including power walks and carnivals.

The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) joined hands with the Hong Kong Health Bureau to hold the Family Doctor Promotion Day, coinciding with World Family Doctor Day. The event aimed to promote disease prevention, enhance the role of family doctors, and recognize their contributions in addressing public health crises. Stakeholders from the public and private healthcare sectors, patient group leaders, and representatives from health authorities attended the event, which emphasized the significance of primary healthcare and the crucial role of family doctors.

In the Philippines, family doctors (Las Piñas General Hospital and Satellite Trauma Center) organized an outreach program in underserved communities. The program included medical consultations, screenings for common illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, and nutritional screenings for children. They also incorporated fun activities, such as a poster-making contest embodying Filipino family values. The event aimed to raise awareness, provide medical services, and promote the role of family doctors as gatekeepers of health.

In Mongolia, the Mongolian Association of Family Medicine Specialists (MAFMS) conducted various activities under the theme "Healthy Body - Happy Life" and "Heart of Healthcare." They focused on reducing non-communicable diseases and organized events for health assessments, exercise education, and healthy eating guidance. The MAFMS also recognized the contributions of family doctors through awards, art festivals, concerts, the national research conference for family medicine and primary care training sessions.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Dr Sam Murton, President of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners shared a video on social media to celebrate the special place family doctors hold at the heart of healthcare. They also featured the inspiring story of Tim and Richard, a father and son who are both family doctors with a combined experience of 75 years. This personal account showcased the dedication and commitment of family doctors in New Zealand and their impact on patients' lives.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), host of the upcoming WONCA World Conference, actively supported the campaign by sharing several messages on social media. In an interview with newsGP, Dr Nicole Higgins, the President of RACGP, emphasized the significance of World Family Doctor Day in acknowledging the profound influence that GPs have on their communities. Dr Higgins described GPs as the cornerstone of Australia's healthcare system. To delve deeper into the interview, you can read the complete article here.



WFDD2023 was celebrated across the region, emphasizing the importance of family practice in healthcare. The World Health Organization's Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO EMRO) released a statement urging countries to implement family medicine. The president of WONCA EMR sent a letter congratulating family physicians in the region. In Jordan, the Jordan Society of Family Medicine (JSFM) organized a scientific activity at Kempinski Amman Hotel, focusing on "Rejuvenating Chronic Disease Management." Over 150 family doctor specialists and residents attended the event, which included 20 presentations. JSFM also conducted a training workshop on IUD insertion and removal, receiving positive feedback. Palestine contributed to a broadcast highlighting family practice's significance, while in Egypt, the Egyptian Functional Medicine Association (EFMA) organized a scientific day discussing campaign pillars and conditions like post-void syndrome, psoriasis, and breastfeeding. In Iraq, the Minister of Health welcomed delegates from the Iraqi Family Medicine Society, acknowledging World Family Doctors Day.



In Europe, various events were organized in different countries to celebrate World Family Doctor Day. In Ukraine, Prof. Dr Victoria Tkachenko organized a seminar for primary care doctors, focusing on the theme "Family Doctors: The Heart of Healthcare." The seminar included presentations on primary care for atrial fibrillation and awarded Certificates of Honor to 45 doctors.

In Macedonia, the 5th Congress on Noninfective Chronic Disease in Post-COVID Pandemic and the 25th Symposium of Family Medicine on Urgent Conditions in Family Medicine were held. European professors shared their experiences in treating chronic diseases during the pandemic. Balloons with messages to health authorities for improved primary healthcare were released.

In Spain, the semFYC (Sociedad Española de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria) commemorated the 40th anniversary of the creation of the society. A documentary highlighting the profession of family and community medicine was shown, followed by a debate. The Minister of Health, José Miñones expressed gratitude for the ethical and social commitment of family doctors and emphasized the importance of strengthening public healthcare. Throughout the hour-long program, various family doctors explain their experiences in the practice of medicine. SemFYC also released a video and multiple social media posts supporting #WFDD2023 campaign.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Public Association "Family Medicine without Borders" organized a conference focused on recognizing family medicine as a scientific specialty. The event included roundtable discussions, an Olympiad for residents, a plenary session, parallel symposia, a competition for young family medicine teachers, and a sports run for family doctors. The conference aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

In Portugal, the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine (APMGF) celebrated World Family Doctor Day through several initiatives. The association inaugurated its new regional headquarters, organized a commemorative session, participated in a special debate on family medicine, and recognized the contributions of family doctors by sending them a children's book.

In Slovenia, a press conference was held to celebrate World Family Doctor Day. Speakers from different perspectives, including Mr. Peter Črnilogar, the mayor of Borovnica; Mr. Gregor Cuzak, the secretary general of patient organizations in Slovenia; Ms. Julija Šter, a young specialist in FP/GP; and Dr Rok Ravnikar, President of the Committee of Primary Care in the Medical Chamber of Slovenia. Media coverage followed the event, and a flyer was published to encourage patient cooperation in managing medical prescriptions and appointments.



Several countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic, actively supported a social media campaign in celebration of World Family Doctor Day. Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, and Paraguay, various activities and events were organized to commemorate the day.

In Brazil, on World Family Doctor Day, Zeliete Zambon, the president of SBMFC (Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine), highlighted the advancements made in healthcare in Brazil and discussed the remaining challenges. Read the complete interview with Dr Zeliete Zambon HERE.

In the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Society of Family and Community Medicine and doctors at the Dr Marcelino Vélez Santana Hospital celebrated with a commemorative brunch that fostered camaraderie and enthusiasm among colleagues.

Venezuela's Falcón Chapter of Venezuelan Society of Family Medicine (SOVEMEFA) embraced the recommendations of WONCA and carried out a series of Instagram posts prior to World Family Doctor Day, promoting the work of their specialty. They also shared individual biographies of their members to showcase the broad range of activities performed by family doctors.

The Costa Rican Association of Specialists in Family and Community Medicine organized its own congress in honour of World Family Doctor Day, celebrating and recognizing the professionals in this beautiful field of medicine.



The College of Family Physicians of Canada actively participated in World Family Doctor Day through a comprehensive social media campaign. They developed custom graphics that were made available for download and engaged their board members to contribute captivating photos. Additionally, they created a toolkit containing sample social media posts, graphics, and a special video message from their CEO, who expressed appreciation for family physicians.

To amplify their message, the organization organized a media push, resulting in three interviews featuring their CEO. They adorned their website with World Family Doctor Day banners and sent an email to all staff, recognizing their hard work and dedication in celebration of the occasion. Furthermore, the College of Family Physicians of Canada reached out to its chapters nationwide, encouraging them to utilize the toolkit and join in honouring family physicians within their respective communities.

The American Board of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) also participated in the campaign by sharing social media posts.



In celebration of World Family Doctor Day, organizations in South Asia showcased their dedication to honouring family doctors and promoting primary healthcare. Praava Health in Bangladesh organized a day-long program in Dhaka, featuring various activities such as an opening ceremony, a keynote speech, a panel discussion on challenges faced by family doctors, health camps, interactive sessions, community outreach, and an award ceremony. The event emphasized the importance of family doctors in delivering quality healthcare, and participation certificates were distributed to foster support for these professionals.

In India, the Academy of Family Physicians of India collaborated with the Project Setu Foundation Trust to host a community-centric medical camp. The camp aimed to address the medical needs of underserved populations while highlighting the essential role of family doctors in providing primary healthcare and overall well-being. Services provided included general medical check-ups, preventive screenings for conditions like anaemia, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, as well as health education sessions. Emphasizing knowledge empowerment and early detection, the camp encouraged community engagement and featured a video showcasing the activities of the Project Setu Foundation Trust.

In Nepal, the General Practice and Emergency Medicine Association of Nepal (GPEMAN) organized a walkathon and gathering of general practitioners (GPs) in Kathmandu. GPEMAN's executive team and GPs shared experiences and perspectives on practicing in various settings. The event highlighted the efficiency and effectiveness of GP-based primary healthcare, recognized its comprehensive and continuous care, and advocated for its development in Nepal. GPEMAN expressed pride in championing GP-based primary healthcare and expressed eagerness to expand collaborations locally, regionally, and globally to advance global family medicine.



The Young Doctor's Movements (YDM) actively participated in the World Family Doctor Day celebrations, contributing to the campaign through various activities. The YDM Committee prepared a special video highlighting the theme of "Family doctors, the heart of healthcare" and the campaign pillars based on the principles of family medicine. The chairs and young doctors from all WONCA regions played a significant role in this collaborative effort. The video, featuring young family doctors and their patients, emphasized the core values of Family Medicine and the WFDD2023 pillars. Additionally, the YDMs from all regions actively engaged in the social media campaign, supporting the dissemination of messages and using posters and photo frames. The European Young Family Doctors Movement (EYFDM) participated by supporting the social media campaign with posters and photo frames mostly on Instagram, joining the production of the YDM video, and sharing reflections and a statement on their website.


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