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Nigeria - Chair WWPWFM

Professional profile and interests in medicine

Dr Kate Anteyi MD, FWACP, FMCFP, MAAFP is a board certified Family Physician and Public Health expert, in Abuja, Nigeria. Her technical expertise spans over sixteen years of work experience in Family Medicine and over twelve years of board certification.

She has vast experience in working with women’s group addressing issues that affect women’s health, including gender-based violence, gender equity and infectious disease including HIV/AIDS. Kate has international experience working with donor groups including US Government PEPFAR projects, the Government of Nigeria and high level management of infectious diseases. Kate is highly motivated and has wealth of experience in providing technical guidance for HIV continuum of care and treatment programs in resource-limited settings, including Nigeria and South Africa.

Working collaboratively with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), Nigeria, Kate ensured the development and implementation of the national decentralization of HIV services to Primary Health centers. She painstakingly coordinated the development of national standards for HIV care and treatment. This initiative has positively impacted lives of people living with HIV in Nigeria, improving patients’ outcome.

Kate contributes to the generation of awareness around gender-based violence in her community, through her advocacy and operational researches.

Wonca involvement

Kate is on the executive board of Wonca Working Party on Women in Family Medicine. She contributed to the development of the working party’s history-making documents like the Hamilton Equity Recommendation (HER statement), Gender Equity Standards for scientific meetings (GES) and the development of GES checklist for scientific meetings.

Kate through her links with other women family physicians globally, has gained very useful insights in issues around women and family medicine; that her experiences of challenges because she is a woman are not unique; that many women experience a similarly difficult journey because they are women; The best practices shared and the power of network has been enormous and reforming. WWPWFM has brought to the fore that gender does matter.

The rest of life?

Kate multitasks as a woman family physician, educator, programmer, manager, daughter, wife and mother, even as she coordinates residency training in Family Medicine in the Federal Capital Territory Hospitals, of Nigeria.

To contact kate e-mail: [email protected]