Featured Doctor

HEGAZY, Dr Nagwa

Egypt - leader Al Razi young doctors

Dr Hegazy is the inaugural convenor of the Al Razi movement for young doctors in the East Mediterranean region.

Can you tell us about your current work?

Currently I'm working as a lecturer in the family medicine in the department of family medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Menofiya University.
Also I am a part-time fellow in Munshsaat Sultan PHC that is affiliated to the Menofiya University Hospitals. In addition of being attached to the exam committee of the Egyptian fellowship of family medicine and health.

The choice of my career as a family practitioner has evolved from a solid belief that that the family practitioner is the corner stone in any health service in my society. I was really disappointed by the marginalization of the potential & important role of family medicine in so I devoted my time and effort to put the role of family medicine in the lime light.

I am member of the Egyptian Family Medicine Association (EFMA). This association was established in 2006 aiming at awareness augmentation of family physicians regarding continuous medical education through workshops& scientific meetings . In addition to social activities that includes commemoration in the orphan day & medical care to special needs schools.

What do you do to relax?

I usually spend my free time in reading & walking . I believe that reading is the window for knowledge & books summarize the experience of the past & the future. I consider walking and contemplation the best way to release tension.

What do you hope to achieve as leader of the Al Razi movement for young doctors?

Boosting of family physicians potentials in the training & research areas is my main plan as a leader of Al Razi movement . I hope to contribute in the broaden of family medicine concepts in EMR and increase the recognition of patients to this specialty.

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