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OUVRARD, Dr Patrick

France: family doctor

What work do you do?

I am a General Practitioner / Family Doctor working in a group practice in Angers, (France), since 1985. My work is mainly devoted to general medicine, and I do a lot of gynaecology and paediatrics, which to me, are an integral part of general medicine.

I am very involved in continuing education in France. I’m a member of international group of French College of General Practice.As head of a Medical Anthropology Department I manage several research projects in medical anthropology in India and Nepal, particularly on the theme of family violence and access to care.

We also regularly work on a multidisciplinary approach to health with the tribal community of Santals, in India (Santiniketan Region), with French, Swiss and Indian students, doctors, anthropologists, nurses and social workers.

Other interesting things you have done?

Since 2017, I have been Vice President of the European Union of General Practitioners, (UEMO), partner organisation of WONCA Europe. UEMO’s main objectives are:

• To study and promote the highest standard of training, practice and patient care in the field of general practice throughout Europe;
• To defend the role of general practitioners in healthcare systems;
• To promote the ethical, scientific, professional, social and economic interests of Europeans, and to secure their freedom of practice in the interest of their patients;
• To determine the number of members and to represent them in the European Union and international organizations;
• To work with other European medical groupings, such as the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), to strengthen the position and unanimity of the medical profession in Europe in order to maintain the highest possible standards of education, ethics and patient care.

I have participated for more than ten years in many of the conferences of WONCA World, WONCA Europe and WONCA Asia Pacific, as well as some of those of Euripa and EGPRN. I am active in two WONCA Special Interest groups: on Quaternary Prevention and also the one on Family Violence.

What are your main interests in medicine and privately?

The main topics in which I have invested myself are family violence, anthropology, globalisation and quaternary prevention.

I am married, father of two children, my main interests outside general medicine that fascinate me, are, you had probably guessed ... travel and anthropology

Contact : patrick.ouvrard@ gmail.com