Featured Doctor

GUSSO, Prof Gustavo

Brazil – President WONCA Rio HOC

Gustavo Gusso is President of the Host Organizing Committee for the coming WONCA World conference in Rio de Janeiro in November

What work you do now?

I am part time professor of primary care and family medicine at University of São Paulo. Unfortunately, the only family doctor professor at this institution.

My position is in the Internal Medicine Department since there isn´t a department of Primary Care or Family Medicine. I thought it would be more important to be in the Internal Medicine department than the Preventive Medicine one because in Brazil there was the idea until some years ago that family medicine was the same thing as public heath, denying the clinical aspects of our speciality. I practice also in a solo private practice at the place I live in São Paulo. And finally I work as consultant helping to organize family medicine services. I am currently leading the organization of new primary care services at Amil/ United Health Group in Brazil which will represent a new attractive career for family doctors in Brazil.

What other interesting things have you done?

I was president of Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine from 2008 to 2012. We could structured the society and spread the family medicine words throughout Brazil. Beside meetings with 3000 to 4000 participants we strengthen our journal, organized working groups, developed workshops focused on training tutors, translated and published new books, included Textbook of Family Medicine that won the most important book award in 2013.

What are your interests in work and outside work?

I am interested in Classification and the link between the register and clinical reasoning. For any patient consultation, we are three things interacting: doctor, patient and our record.

Outside work I like to travel and I have started backpacking with my eight year old daughter. For example in February did a five day trip to Spain to a workshop of ‘Sacred Consultations’ (consultations that needs more time) in Bilbao. I hope Beatriz enjoyed it!

What are your hopes for the WONCA world conference coming to Rio in November?

I hope we can put on a very exciting scientific meeting. This is the first goal.

The meeting will cover workshops, seminars, and panels approved by our scientific committee to attract highly qualified professionals. We expect as well a very multicultural meeting, lots of exchanges of experiences and the opportunity to get to know about the primary care revolution Rio de Janeiro has made during the last eight years. Probably the most incredible WONCA conference ever.

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