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TARAWNEH, Dr Mohammed: East Mediterranean region president 2013-18

Current work

Dr Mohammed Tarawneh is a Family Medicine consultant with 31 years of experience, from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He is WHO EMRO temporary advisor, a reviewer in some local medical journals and examiner in the Arab Board for the family medicine specialty.  He received his Bachelors degree in medicine, from Italy, in 1980; and the Jordanian Board of Family Medicine (JBFM) in 1988. In 1980, he joined the Jordan Military Royal Medical Services (RMS), and remained with the RMS until he retired as a Major General in 2011, to practice in his private clinic.

Dr Tarawneh has a vast experience in leading humanitarian emergency medical teams / field hospitals in areas stricken by manmade and natural disasters; with United Nation Peace Keeping Forces - in former Yugoslavia 1993-1994, Sierra Leone 2000, Afghanistan 2002, Congo 2002, and Lebanon 2006; or as humanitarian aid missions organised by the RMS in areas of earthquakes - as in Iran 2003 and Pakistan 2005; and as a medical inspection officer in disaster areas preceding each humanitarian mission, with excellent knowledge of tropical diseases.

What other interesting work he has done?

During the period 1990 – 2011, Dr Tarawneh was tutor, examiner and coordinator of the family medicine residency program in the RMS. In addition, he was the co- founder for the First Military Family Medicine Center in Eastern Amman, in 1991-1993, which was accredited by Jordan Medical Council (JMC) which is the authorized institution to supervising and providing medical license to all physicians from different medical specialties in the country including family medicine.

In 1990, he attended various courses in USA, such as in emergency medicine, field hospital administration, and in medical management of patients affected by nuclear warfare.

From 2008 to 2010, Dr Tarawneh was a member in the scientific committee of the Jordan Medical Council (JMC) as a tutor and examiner of family medicine residents, Also he was a member of the scientific committee in the faculty of medicine of Muta' University, from 2009 to 2010.

He has a wealth of experience in management as he worked as a director for the south region military medical, in RMS, from 2004 to 2005; chief of the department of family and emergency medicine, from 2005 to 2009; and was twice, the director of a 200 bed hospital, for two years each time (RMS has more than eight peripheral hospitals with capacity from 200 to 600 beds and one main 1500 bed hospital; as well as more than ten primary health care centers, providing care to military personnel and their dependents).

Dr Tarawneh has been a member of Jordan Medical Association (JMA) since 1981; a member of the Jordan Society of Family Medicine (JSFM) since 1993. He was chairman of the JSFM from 2006 to 2008, and is currently the general secretary of JSFM. He has also been a member of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) since 2005, and the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) since 2008.

He has been a direct member of WONCA since 1996 and is the representative of the JSFM on WONCA World Council and Honorary Treasurer of WONCA Eastern Mediterranean region from 2010 to 2013. He has attended most of WONCA world and WONCA regional conferences.

Dr Tarawneh is also an author of different published papers of primary health care and has attended many workshops in different areas of primary care. In 2005, he had the privilege to work with Prof Edward Shahedy, from University of Florida, in the diabetes master clinician program. He shared this knowledge through the internet to the majority of physicians colleagues in his country.

What he likes about his interactions in WONCA?

As noted above Dr Tarawneh has been a regular attendee at WONCA conferences over many years and is a member of the WONCA Eastern Mediterranean region (EMR) executive.

He aims to work hand in hand with the JSFM members: to attract new graduate physicians to join the family medicine specialty in Jordan; to strengthen the scientific ties with local medical societies and health institutions; to extend the duration of the curriculum of family medicine in the faculties of medicine of the four Jordanian universities which are teaching medicine; and to encourage family physician residents to join the JSFM and WONCA.
He enjoys the joint team work with the other executive members of WONCA EMR to encourage more countries in the Middle East and North Africa to join WONCA EMR, spreading the existing experience of family medicine locally and regionally, to other countries in WONCA EMR, who are yet to join WONCA.

A final word

"Family medicine is the specialty I like. It's the comprehensive, continuity of care for all family members. The main challenges this new specialty faces is still the lack of knowledge in the community of family medicine; regardless of the great attempts and the promotions being done by colleagues through the media and in organised meetings with local communities. We are all optimistic that in the near future we will see our specialty spread more and more."