Winners of Montegut Previous Editions

2021 Winner Reports

As the WONCA World Conference 2021 was held remotely, in this edition the Montegut award was distributed among multiple participants in the 7 different WONCA regions.  


  • Dr Susanna Onanyan (Armenia)
  • Dr Adaeze Chidinma Oreh (Nigeria)
  • Dr Chinyama Nitta (Malawi)
  • Dr Faye Dominique Palmares (Philippines)
  • Dr Mohamed Mahmoud A Abukder (Egypt)
  • Dr Mohammad Ali H. Jardaly (Lebanon)
  • Dr Reina Mohamad Saoud Alameddine (Lebanon)
  • Dr Sarah Hayder Ali Zalzala (Iraq)
  • Professor  Gong Feng (China)
  • Dr Feng Hengsheng (China)
  • Dr Zhennan Qi (China)
  • Professor Marcela Cuadrado (Uruguay)
  • Dr Sonia Ortiz (Puerto Rico)
  • Dr Rosa  Villanueva (Peru)
  • Dr Gabriela Di Croce (Argentina)
  • Dr Carmen Nadal (Chile)
  • Dr Thomas Meono (Costa Rica)
  • Dr Dora Bernal (Colombia)
  • Dr Carla Nadia Vargas Trigo (Bolivia)
  • Dr Adriana Mariela Ochoa Leano (Bolivia)
  • Dr Daniela Cortez Arratia (Bolivia)
  • Dr Arna Brown-Morgan (Jamaica)
  • Dr Sabriquet Pinder-Butler (Bahamas)
  • Dr Zainab Anjarwala (Pakistan)
  • Dr Jyotika Gupta (India)
  • Dr Sonam Choki (Bhutan)
  • Dr Wangdi Norbu (Bhutan)
  • Dr Kailas Parayankizhi (India)
  • Dr Nishat Dur-e (Pakistan)
  • Dr Noor e Sahar (Pakistan)
  • Dr Aruni de Silva (Sri Lanka)
  • Dr Resmi Menon (India)
  • Dr Hina Jawaid (Pakistan)
  • Dr Tarun Paudel (Nepal)
  • Dr Gowher Ahmad Wagai (India)
  • Dr Muhammed Usmam (Pakistan)
  • Dr Marie-Jo Francis-Ali (Trinidad)
  • Dr Maxwell Adeyemi (Tobago)
  • Dr Lisa Monrose (St. Lucia)
  • Dr Jose Humphreys (Antigua)
  • Dr Tania Whitby-Best (Barbados)
  • Dr Tamica Daniels-Williamson (Guyana)
  • Dr Florelle Hobson (Nevis)
  • Dr Miriam Sheridan (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
  • Dr Francesca Burnhum-Onu (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
  • Dr Shasha Ye (China)
  • Dr Wang Hui (China)
  • Dr Wang Zihong (China)
  • Dr Wen Ying (China)

2017 selected report

Dr Innocent Besigye (Uganda)

2016 selected report

Dr Kenneth Yakubu (Nigeria) reports on his Rio attendance

2015 selected reports

Shastri Motilal (Trinidad) and Patrick O'Donnell (Ireland)

The first Montegut scholar – Dr Kyriakos Maltezis

At the WONCA executive committee meeting, in February 2011, it was agreed to accept the generous offer by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) to establish the Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP). The MGSP was established to foster international education, research and collaboration, in the specialty of family medicine. It aims to support the attendance of one family physician from each of the seven regions of WONCA, to their regional meetings, or to the international meeting, in the year when it is held. The first Mongegut scholar was Dr Kyriakos Maltezis, of Greece, who was supported to attend the WONCA Europe conference in Warsaw in September 2011.

Dr Maltezis graduated from the University of Athens, in 1999. He trained in general practice in the General Hospital Sant Panteleimon in Piraeus, Greece and he works in the public sector as a GP. He is undertaking a Masters in Family Medicine and Science Methodology in Primary Health Care through the University of Crete. He has authored a number of papers published in international journals and in Greek Journals. He is involved in teaching undergraduate students in the University of Athens, in medical physiology and general practice.

He also has participated as a volunteer in international missions, in Africa, since 2005, providing primary care services in Uganda and Tanzania. He received an honorary award from the National Blood Donor Organization for his voluntary participation for four years in organising missions for blood collections in district areas all over Greece.   Read Dr Maltezis' final report to the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F).  Dr Kyriakos Maltezis' report to the ABFM


WONCA wishes to formally acknowledge the generous sponsorship of the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) through the Montegut Global Scholars Program. 

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