Bursary Winners for Abu Dhabi

Ana Nunes Barata, Young Doctors' representative on WONCA Executive writes:

The next WONCA World conference is rapidly approaching!

During this event, colleagues will have the opportunity to meet doctors from all over the world and to exchange ideas and learn from new points of view. Looking forward to a strong young doctor participation it is important to find ways to encourage their participation. The young doctors movements have already established the Global Fund, however, unfortunately, the available donations are still not enough to provide support to the young doctors. We would like to remind colleagues of this resource and would encourage all to please donate to the global fund, so that it is possible to provide support to other young doctors.

The host organising committee has offered 30 bursaries for young doctors, which were distributed among the seven young doctor’s regions after a careful selection process. We thank all young doctors for their engagement and strong participation!

Here is the list of the 30 winners:

Husni Abdalla (Kenya)
Moyosore Makinde (Nigeria)
Bola Fatusin (Nigeria)
Kate Adomakoah Kontor (Ghana)
Nana Kofi Edu Affare (Ghana)
Jessie Mbama (Malawi)
Ahmed Gharib (Egypt)
Marwa Mohasseb (Egypt)
Adel Fouad Yasky (KSA)
Molly Whalen Brown (Canada)
Chelsea McGuire (USA)
Craig Bryan (Jamaica)
Maung Mya (Myanmar)
Fitriana (Indonesia)
Mel Acuavera (Philippines)
Wee Sian Woon (Australia)
Kashmir Mae (Philippines)
Kinley Bhuti (Bhutan)
Serin Kuriakose (India)
Nadia Feroz (Pakistan)
Rupak Bhandari (Nepal)
Gleydi Lucila Santos Ramirez (Peru)
Maria Belen Gimenez Reyes (Paraguay)
Mariano Granero (Argentina)
Yasmin Cordova Rios (Peru)
Tania Marisol Peña Arriaga (Mexico)
Emanuela Mercore Hutanu (Romania)
Maria Joao Nobre (Portugal)
Marina Jotić Ivanović (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Max Haag (Luxembourg)

Congratulations to the winners!

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