Editor's pick: reports and photos of WONCA conferences

Karen Flegg, WONCA Editor writes:

As part of finishing up my role as WONCA editor by the end of the year, I wish to reflect on the great joy and wonderful times I have experienced in attending WONCA conferences over the last 10 years. My Editor's Picks: Photos of Individuals, and Editors Picks: Photos of Groups received wonderful feedback and of course these photos of my colleagues were taken at WONCA conferences. Photo above is from Montevideo, in March 2015.

Below you will find various conference reports from past years' WONCA conferences, focusing on those with photographs and videos still active online. Its no substitute for the conferences missed this year but I hope it reminds us of good times had in the past and good times that will come again at future world conferences.

"Editor's Pick' is the video collection still available online: WONCA Europe Lisbon, Portugal in videos. 2014 including keynote address by Prof Richard Roberts.
WONCA news September 2014

Successful WONCA APR 2019 in Kyoto, Japan.

WONCA news June 2019

Report on Iberoamericana-CIMF congress. Tijuana, Mexico. 2019.
WONCA news June 2019

From the CEO’s desk: reporting on World Council. Seoul, South Korea 2018
WONCA news December 2018

Report on 5th VdGM forum in Porto.

WONCA news March 2018

#ruralwonca - check out our gallery and post-event wrap – Cairns, Australia 2017
WONCA news June 2017

Candan Kendir reflects on the VdGM forum in Strasbourg, france 2017

WONCA news May 2017

From the CEO’s Desk: Reporting on Rio, Brazil 2016 (photo)
WONCA news December 2016

WONCA World conference Rio 2016 - Michael Kidd's conference opening address
President's blog November 2016

Legacy of WONCA Europe 2016 conference. Copenhagen, Denmark
WONCA news July 2016

World rural conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia 2015
WONCA news July 2015

Dont miss: 2015 WONCA conference photos collection

WONCA news September 2015
Vasco da Gama forum, Dublin February 2015
South Asia region conference, Dhaka February 2015
Asia-Pacific region conference, Taipei 2015
IberoAmericana region conference, Montevideo March 2015
World rural health conference, Dubrovnik April 2015
East Mediterranean region conference, Dubai 2015
Africa region conference, Accra May 2015

Dont miss: WONCA Europe Lisbon, Portugal in videos. 2014

WONCA news September 2014

WONCA World rural health conference Gramado, Brazil abstracts online 2014

WONCA news September 2014

Global Health and Young Family Doctors - VdGM Forum 2014
WONCA news May 2014

Dont miss: WONCA World Conference Prague 2013

Happy memories are captured on an eight minute video and in photos on the Facebook and FLICKR pages of the Prague conference. (photo)
photos on the Facebook page
FLICKR - nearly 900 pictures
FLICKR - includes WONCA council from WONCA editor

WONCA Africa conference. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 2012
WONCA news December 2012

Photos of WONCA Asia Pacific Jeju, South Korea. 2012
WONCA news October 2012

Women in Cebu, Philippines. 2011
WONCA News April 2011

I hope you enjoyed the memories.