From the Editor: July 2021

This time we bring you a very special edition as we gathered all the activities, efforts and celebrations on the occasion of World Family Doctor Day 2021!

This was my first World Family Doctor Day as a WONCA Editor. I must confess that (virtually) witnessing the multiple activities of our members, countless expressions of support and hundreds of messages from family doctors, patients and colleagues around the world was a unique and extremely enriching experience. I am very proud to share these efforts with all our readers in this WONCA News for July!

About this issue

In his column for July, WONCA President Dr Donald Li highlights the impact of World Family Doctor Day not only in the WONCA community but worldwide since the first time it was celebrated in 2010. Dr Li notes how this day has become the perfect opportunity to reflect and thank family doctors and primary care teams for their tireless work to achieve health for all!

From the Headquarters, Dr Harris Lygidakis offers a quick update regarding the WONCA Conferences, as this year Meeting of the Council and the WONCA World Conference 2021 go fully virtual, WONCA Europe 2021 is currently taking place from Amsterdam, and the 18th WONCA Rural Health Conference kicks off.

In this edition, you can also learn more about WONCA Africa through the editorials of regional President, Professor Shabir Moosa; meet the new Rural Seeds Ambassadors 2021- 2023; discover more about the musical project of our Working Party on Mental Health and their new song “Tone of Mind”; and read the latest entry of "Ageing Lines" from our WONCA Special Interest Group on Ageing and Health. You can also meet our Featured Doctor for this month, Dr Rocío García-Gutiérrez Gómez from Spain; and discover all the updates and the most recent announcements from the WONCA Family.

This issue represents a special edition dedicated to promote and share the efforts of our colleagues and WONCA members around the world on the occasion of WFDD2021. You will also find all the details about our campaign Building the Future with Family Doctors and all the activities and messages promoted during this campaign. We want to thank you all for being a part of the World Family Doctor Day 2021. It was not possible to include the countless expressions of support to Family Doctors and Primary Care teams around the world in one single edition, but rest assured that every effort was greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoy this issue, and please remember that you can drop me a line (or an article!) at [email protected].
Happy reading, and Stay Safe!