International Women's Day 2022

The March edition of WONCA News is dedicated to women around the world, especially to our Primary Care colleagues and female family doctors, for their crucial work in ensuring health for all. To all of them, we pay this special tribute bringing together stories, quotes and reflections of our WONCA President, Dr Anna Stavdal, our Working Parties, Special Interest Groups and multiple members of the WONCA family.

We thank the collaboration of our colleagues in Primary Care worldwide as we raise our voices for gender equality!

WONCA President Anna Stavdal's reflection on International Women's Day

In past years on March 8th, we’ve raised the megaphone to increase awareness of the unfinished business of gender equality. Today, let us use it to highlight the all too often unnoticed, un-hailed, ongoing, daily life bravery of those of carrying on with what used to be called ‘women’s work’. Somebody has to do it, and it never ends. Continue reading.

IWD2022: WONCA Working Party for Women and Family Medicine

As the chair of the WONCA Working Party for Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM), and on behalf of our members, I wish to thank all of the Female Family Doctors of the world who are working every day to make our planet healthier for all. Continue reading.

IWD2022: WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF 

On March 8, 2022, we witness a new war unleashed, the persistence of other armed conflicts, the ongoing COVID19 pandemic (plus all its consequences, the post-pandemic) and the planet continues to be threatened by climate change. Continue Reading.

IWD2022: WONCA SIG on Family Violence

Nearly 1 in 3 women globally have experienced intimate partner violence or any sexual violence in their life time. Sexual abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and other forms of gender based violence are also major public health problems. Continue Reading. 

IWD2022: WONCA SIG on Ageing & Health

For International Women’s Day, SIG Ageing and Health has put together some brief vignettes about extraordinary older women. Their courage and contributions despite great old age very much emphasise our need to recognize gender equality. Continue Reading.

IWD2022: Dr Özden Gökdemir "Let's not leave anyone behind"

The conclusion is from Prof Dr Saylan “Stop asking yourself, ‘Why was I born a girl?’ and aim at becoming the best you can be.” Continue Reading.