World Family Doctor Day 2023

April, 2023

World Family Doctor Day (WFDD), on 19 May, is a significant occasion to highlight the vital role and contribution of family doctors and primary care teams in healthcare systems worldwide. Since its declaration by WONCA in 2010, WFDD has become an annual celebration that recognizes the central role of Family Doctors in delivering personal, comprehensive, and continuous health care to patients.

This day is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the progress made in family medicine and the exceptional contributions of primary care teams globally.

On 19 May, let's honour and appreciate the tireless efforts of family doctors and primary care teams in improving healthcare outcomes and creating healthier communities worldwide.
We are now thrilled to announce this year’s theme. FAMILY DOCTORS: THE HEART OF HEALTHCARE

Family Doctors: The Heart of Healthcare

Family doctors are often perceived as the heart of healthcare for several reasons:

Long-term relationship: Family doctors are typically the first point of contact for patients seeking medical care. They provide continuous and comprehensive care to patients throughout their lives, building long-term relationships with them. This allows them to understand their patients' medical history, lifestyle, and social circumstances, and offer personalized care and support.

Holistic approach: Family doctors take a holistic approach to healthcare, considering not just a patient's physical health, but also their emotional, social, and psychological well-being. They focus on preventive care, screening, and early detection of illnesses to help patients maintain good health and prevent chronic diseases.

Coordination of care: Family doctors serve as a central point of coordination for a patient's healthcare needs. They work with other healthcare providers, such as specialists and hospitals, to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and avoid duplication of services.

Advocacy and education: Family doctors are advocates for their patients, helping them navigate the healthcare system and access the resources they need. They also educate patients about their health, including how to manage chronic conditions, make healthy lifestyle choices, and prevent illness.

Family doctors play a crucial role in promoting the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Their dedication, compassion, and expertise make them the Heart of Healthcare, and a trusted source of support for patients and families.