World Family Doctor Day past activities reports

WONCA declared World Family Doctor Day (FDD) in Cancun, Mexico in 2010. The first World Family Doctor Day was celebrated on 19 May 2010. It has been taken up with enthusiasm around the world and has given us a chance to celebrate what we do to provide recognition to family doctors, to highlight important issues and the work we perform in supporting health care for all people in our local communities, our nations and around the world.

Previous years' World FDD reports

FDD button (conceptualised by Jenny and Patti Sapina of the Philippines) used by many in past years is shown below right.


Special feature June 2014 WONCA News


Special feature June 2013 WONCA News 


Special feature June 2012 WONCA News  Supplementary report - Ghana
Supplementary report - Pakistan

Supplementary report and photo gallery - Philippines
Photo gallery - Nigeria


Special feauture June 2011 WONCA News (see pages 7-14)

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